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Nostradamus C04 Q51: Star symbols to date critical events yet to happen.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 51  Easterner journal reconfine reptiles the engaged on an equal basis to apesThis and several earlier verses have a common link through anagrams for reptiles. Both C4 Q48 andC4 Q51 actually contain that anagram. In this current verse there are both reptiles (lite pres) and vipers (pres vi) while C4 Q47 has iguanians and C4 Q46 refers to Serpentaria. In addition three of the seven anagrams for vipers occur in nearby verses (C4 Q36 andQ56). These are timing symbols that tie the stars in the sky to a period when man is experimenting with cloning extinct reptiles from the remnant DNA. This current verse is an important link in this process for it names the process as that of representamen (entrera empeſ), representing the sense of one thing by a more concrete means, and uses several stars to show the way it is applied to real stories on Earth.

There is a verse that has an anagram for Aldebaran the alpha (la pha) star in Taurus and that verse has strong connections to this current one which has an anagram for the Beta Tauri star called Alnath (hant la). C4 Q17 relates to events in the Gulf of Hormus and the verse that follows this (C4 Q52) holds an anagram for Hormus while this verse also has references to that eastern region via two anagrams for Yemen (nemy e , emy en) and Easterner (s entrera e). From each verse there are links that help rebuild the original meaning hidden in the text with this verse being one of the strategic points where many of these things are brought together.

The most significant anagrams in this verse include:

1. Yemen usury uncurved cup no dispersive upside
2. Easterner representamen agenda Alnath Alpha chants and campthenes
3. Perseids driven vipers unportioned usury Earths apes die
4. Reconfine once journal renounce equal reptiles engaged  
# representamen: something that represents the essence of an idea, concept or other object.
Alnath /Elnath: Beta Tauri - second brightest in Taurus- alpha Tauri is Aldebaran.
# camphenes: strongly aromatic organic chemicals thought to repel snakes in ancient times.
A Duke eager to follow his enemy
Will enter within impeding the phalanx
Hurried on foot they come to pursue so closely
That the day will see a conflict near Ganges.
Vn Duc cupide ſon ennemy enſuyure
Dans entrera empeſchant la phalange
Haſtez a pied ſi pres viendront pourſuyure
Que la journee conflite pres de Gange.
L1: <yemen penSioned><enemy uSury><one Side cup uncurVeD>oedipuS poiSed

L2: Danes phalangeal chantS><Danes alpha angle/ angel chaSten tamperer><errant campheneS plant><aNd easterner chant alpha angel angle><alpha agenDa><alnath (Beta Tauri) alpha (Aldebaran in Taurus)> <representamen (signs) chantS alpha agenda><ampere enters alpha angle /angel chantS>

L3: <~eartHs apez diSpersive uSury unportioned~> <perSeids driven><viperS end proton uSury><eartHS proton usury apez viperS dieS><HaSte zap uSury><not inversed prideS>

L4: <respite enGaged equal><once rune><eQual agen triple edGes><journal seed Gang prefelection><prefelections eQual rune enGaged><Gang renounce reptilef seed><renounceF enGaged reptiles equal><presaGed felection>predesiGnate
1: unportioned, representamen, dispersive, pensioned, uncurved, uuashery, journal, privies,
2: predesignate, phalangeal, camphenes, engaged, zeta,
3: presaged, engage,
4: Alnath, enemy / Yemen,
5: spiders,
6: renounce, Perseids / presides, poised, agenda, uury (2x),
7: vipers, alpha, usury (2x),
8: hears /shear / share,
9: flection, Easterner, triple, heats / haste, reptiles,
10: tamperer, chasten, upside, Verdun, Earths,
11: gang,
12: chants, stupor,
13: prides, greeds,
14: respite, plant, revise, rouus, zest,
15: vnder,
16: proton,
17: Cephas,
18: lift,
19: Amperes, errant,
20: spied (2x),
21: -
22: edges,
23: apez.

unportioned, uncurved, representamen, journal, engaged, alpha, Alnath, zeta, usury predesignate, spiders, reptiles, vipers, dispersive, Perseids, presaged, Yemen, engage, Easterner, gang, wry, agenda, renounce, pensioned, washery, privies, share, chants, errant, stupor, chasten, prides, greeds, poised, Verdun, tamperer, triple, Earths, proton, upside, zest, revise, plant, camphenes, lift, phalangeal, respite.


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