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Nostradamus C4 Q52: The scale of the Flood Disaster that changes man's future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Mankind is under threat as ocean levels surge, seaports ( preſt a ſo) sink, new seafronts ( sera fort en) and oceanfront ( a fort encont) rises ( ſſier). Desperate people seek sanctuary with their enemy at any cost and within those towns still standing people search for the Spirit of God and the resurrection of the one they see as their saviour. This is the story contained in this verse and it is consistent with tale in many others as set out in my paper called Floods. This flood achieves its greatest depth in France totally covering towns such as SanTropez ( z ſeront pa) and lapping at the edge of communes like Pontcharra ( ront par cha) which is over 240m above current sea level. This great flood extends to the Gulf of Hormus ( murs ho) and beyond. This is the new story of mankind and it speaks of the heroism required to survive. In addition it is the tale of objects with eerie ( iere) power gained from  faster ( t sera f) electrons ( contre les) that lead to a new generation of mennish ( nnemis) homines ( nemis ho).

 In this verse the conclusion about the magnitude of the floods is drawn from the change in seafronts, oceanfronts and seaports but in C4 Q53 it is the anagrams for submerged lands that provides direct wording for such a flood.

The most significant anagrams in this verse include:

encite objects Seas warms Hormus hours meets fete memes
En cite obſeſſe aux murs hommes et femmes

mennish heroism roles homines fleech (coax) sensatory repasts yonder
Ennemis hors le chef preſt a ſoy rendre

events of seafront oceanfront electrons agedness dangers dreams
Vent sera fort encontre les genſdarmes

each assess Norse part San-Tropez rises Pontcharra series eerie deterrence search Seas
Chaſſez ſeront par chaux pouſſiere et cendre

# mennish: old word for mankind / human race.
homines: # Pontcharra: commune in the Rhone-Alpes about 240m above sea level and about 20km from Grenoble.
San Tropez
: Provencal town situated on the French Riviera - occupied by Arab Muslims in the 10th century.
In the besieged city men and woman to the walls,
Enemies outside the chief ready to surrender
The wind will be strongly against the troops,
They will be driven away through lime, dust and ash
En cite obſeſſe aux murs hommes et femmes
Ennemis hors le chef preſt a ſoy rendre
Vent sera fort encontre les genſdarmes
Chaſſez ſeront par chaux pouſſiere et cendre
L1: <auxeSeS obiectS memes humors / hormus sEen><sincE mm (2000) memes amuxeS horus / hours fetes><SeaS obeSe insEct><SeeS obiectS suuarmx><hormus meets>

L2: <Sermonish / heroisms fleech Seaports><aSsert yonder><mennish (Human race) roles><homines (human ) hercles forpaSte>relishsome aSSertory SenSatory

L3: <~once seafront genderleSs aVerments rot~><electrons fenestra dangerS><enters oceanfront><armed eVents><content for Veterans dreamS> <seVen faster electron remandS rot><seVen rates for ten electrons>dangerS

L4: < ſſ centred eaCh patroneSz Series><auch ChaSes pox deterrence patron iSSue><decent SearCheS zeroes riSe><ieSuS centred ChaSes rezoneS rauch part><ieSuS centred ChaSes Santropez arch><zeeS decent patron SeriouS SearChes >eerie procreant CraShe(d/S) drench pontcharra
1: Pontcharra, oceanfront, relishsome, mennish, sermonish, genderless, assertory, averments, heroism,
2: confrater, sensatory, obiects, homines, humors / Hormus, obsess, patronesz,
3: San-Tropez, procreant, deterrence, obiect, drench,
4: obese, essez,
5: crashed, centred, auxeses, eerie,
6: agedness, veterans, lechers / Hercles, sobeit, hours, Horus,
7: seaports, fleches, arched,
8: gendarmes, content, serious, Ruach,
9: searches, fenestra, yonder, memos,
10: closer,
11: seafront, rezones, decent, events, vents, series,
12: parch, zeroes,
13: -
14: soya,
15: remands, faster, nieces, zeros,
16: seven,
17: amuxe, issue / Iesus,
18: seerz, pox,
19: -
20: operant, dreams, zees,
21: chasers / crashes, feste,
22: encites,
23: electrons.

San-Tropez, oceanfront, crashed, Pontcharra, Hormus, yonder, seaports, closer, seafront, drench, obese, patroness, mennish, homines, Hercles, veterans, genderless, heroism, sermonish, confrater, auxeses, eerie, objects, procreant, averments, sensatory, agedness, deterrence, essez, centred, sobeit, arched, serious, content, searches, hours, Ruach, Iesus, operant, dreams, decent, events, series, rezones, faster, electrons, fenestra.



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