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Nostradamus C4 Q53: Great floods at the end of 21stC bring out the worst in some rulers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In reading the text of this and the previous verse the reader can see they are possibly part of a single tale to which their anagrams provide a twist that renders them as one. They are the story of cities impacted by great floods of a size that dwarfs all human and most of the earth's geological history. In C4 Q52 the conclusion about the magnitude of the floods was drawn from the change in seafronts, oceanfronts and seaports but in this current verse it is the anagrams for submerged lands ( ſubmerge d - dans l) that provides direct wording for such a flood.

Not only does this verse connect to the previous verse but it links to the next verse C4 Q54 through the common anagram of gendarmes ( merge dans) a word implying policing actions within a French setting. 

The anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

gulf-sites fuels befits use sinner rewoke
Les fugitifs et bannis reuoquez

giftless girls stifles grails DNA daring Saints sulphates suit peers
Peres et fils grand garniſſant les hauts puits

cruel repel treeless fussiness effusions woke
Le cruel pere et les ſiens ſuffoquez

agreed planes lands suit son if suppliers reimburse Burmese gendarmes
Son fils plus pire ſubmerge dans le puits
The fugitives and exiles recalled
Fathers and sons great garnishing of the deep well
The cruel father and his people choked
His far worse son submerged in the well.
Les fugitifs et bannis reuoquez
Peres et fils grand garniſſant les hauts puits
Le cruel pere et les ſiens ſuffoquez
Son fils plus pire ſubmerge dans le puits
L1: <guLfsite befits a reunions><rouse if it absent in sequeLz><sinner uuoqe beast>fueLs

L2: <Presee sulphates suit grand SaintS ><giftless SentinalS><and freest girls> set hautpules resPite><suit Peers stifle><freest grails>

L3: <cruel zequeL eSseni let peer off><tree zequeL leSs effuSions><fuSSiness of zequeL replete cure><infuSes replete rule of eSs>

L4: <planes suppliers Submerges Suit son><pupils reSubmrged planes><suitS if upriSes pulls on planes><its pulse pulps nuSier gendarmes><pupils resubmerge lands><Subprime / reimburSe / erbiums / greed><burieS merged pulps><burmeSe pupils grade><its busier pulps germ unelapsed><garden / danger bemuse / embues>
1: resubmerged, sulphates, effusions, fussiness, reimburse, giftless, infuses, befits,
2: submerged, gulfsite, subprime, stifles, pupils, girls,
3: supplier(s), Burmese, lathes / Thales,
4: sentinals, submerge, reunions, 
5: grails, stifle, bemuse, embues, spill,
6: erbiums, lifts, sinner,
7: replete, absent, pulls,
8: gendarmes, suits,
9: busier / buries, puts,
10: unelapsed,
11: peeress, merge,
12: embus,
13: pits,
14: uprises, respite,
15: sits,
16: gendarme,
17: -
18: agreed, freest, fuels, lift,
19: -
20: beat / beta, off,
21: fetes,
22: beats / beast /bates.
23: -

resubmerged, sulphates, effusions, reimburse, giftless, befits, sentinals, reunions, submerged, gulfsite, subprime, fussiness, unelapsed, stifles, Burmese, girls, pupils, fuels, suppliers, spill, erbiums, suits, gendarmes, buries, uprises, replete, sinner, absent, beast, pulls, peeress, merge, pits, agreed, respite, lift, off, freest.

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