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Nostradamus C4 Q54: Refugees from European disasters rise up in anger at their treatment.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse carries an ironic twist to that which exists today since it implies that the people of Europe will flee to Eastern lands and find themselves unwelcome. Its tale is linked to that told in C4 Q53.

The anagrams of this verse tell us that a royal family is afflicted by scrufola or as it is now known, tuberculosis. The anagram for scrofulide (fouldre ſi c) links to the irritancies (re ſi crainti) of a gallstone (t les Anglo) and their treatment or diagnosis using gingers (ngiers g), fluorides (fouldre ſi) and quinones (i onques n). The queen of this family attempts to ease the famines (mais ne f) of those who have fled the fire from the sky striking Italy, Spain and England.

The anagrams of greatest potential for resolving this verse include:

quinones quoin (wedge) queens waft gory oils on Louisa mound
Du nom qui onques ne fut au Roy Gaulois

if Jasmina weft fluorides carries irritancies scrofulide infuse famines
Jamais ne fut vn fouldre ſi craintif

Mitres blame Latin tale gallstone pleasing gentle gasolines
Tremblant l'Itale l'Eſpaigne et les Anglois

feed meme enstream regerminates gingers reagents renamed fit t[r]eatment
De femme eſtrangiers grandement attentif
# scrofulides: tuberculosis-like swelling of the lymph glands in the neck.
Of the name which no Gallic King ever had
Never was there so fearful a thunderbolt,
Italy, Spain and the English trembling,
Very attentive to a woman and foreigners.
Du nom qui onques ne fut au Roy Gaulois
Jamais ne fut vn fouldre ſi craintif
Tremblant l'Itale l'Eſpaigne et les Anglois
De femme eſtrangiers grandement attentif
L1: <youR DialoGus enfuse at qu qu muon ion><louisa gory mounD><soil mounD><louisa GoRy mound uuaft queens ion>quinones louis solid sound

L2: <uveft unfold Jasmina irritancieS><if Jasmina train scrofulide vuefts><Siriac flounder><uveft Jasmina carrieS fit in unfold><infuSe carieS fit in a jam><Jamesian><vueft manias>flourideS foul famines ruled louder

L3: <plEaSing /ElapSing latin tale><lets A long gene sTir><gentile gAsolines Terms plEaSe><gentle Angels blame riotS><losing leAst tremblant gene><gAlleons Timbers>leAnest marble tilt

L4: <seem danger meant arreSting><fit men at tent feeD Strange meme> <Strange meme meant danger rise><gendarmes arreSting><fit men at tent regerminateS dangers><angrieSt meme dement rangers><eaSten gingers renamed>angrier
1: irritancies, scrofulide, fluorides, Cristina, unfold, uuaft,
2: regerminates, gallstone, flounder, Jamesian, gingers / niggers, monq,
3: germinates, Dialogus, vueft, quinones, Jasmina, galleons, carries,
4: gentile, infuse,
5: solid, tilt,
6: tremblant, gasolines, famines,
7: arresting,
8: gendarmes, slider,
9: uuart, ajam,
10: gasoline, angriest, sound, jam,
11: elapsing, pleasing, angrier, rating, caries,
12: Queens, gory / orgy,
13: enstream, tangles, gentle, toils,
14: enfuse, foul,
15: lamb,
16: gendarme,
17: resign / reigns / singer,
18: leanest, slang,
19: renamed, blame, elapse / please,
20: mound,
21: marble, feint, terms,
22: granite.
23: -

scrofulide, gallstone, irritancies, unfold, Cristina, regerminates, quinones, gingers, infuse, solid, fluorides, enstream, Jamesian, Jasmina, Dialogus, galleons, carries, gentile, gasoline, tilt, famines, dangers, gendarmes, blame, leanest, lamb, orgy, arresting, angriest, pleasing, Queens, gentle, toils.


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