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Nostradamus C4 Q56: Rabelaius' allegory of giants involved in war around the Mediterranean Seas.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 56  Rabelaius language used in discussions of heretical approach to Jesus DNAThe anagrams in this verse point to Rabelaius a contemporary figure of Nostradamus time. There are other anagrams-of names that reach back to the 6th century BCE and forward to our modern times. Rabelaius  (rabiuſe la) and Panurge (ngue Apr) occur as adjacent anagrams in the first line. This latter name is backed by an anagram for Panurgic (guin par c) in the third. Not only do these rare anagrams appear together in the same verse but the tone of this verse seems to tie to the following the adventures of the giant Pantagruel in which a body is dismembered and the parts such as the head are desecrated.

C4 Q 56: After the victory of the raving tongue,
The spirit tempered in tranquillity and repose:
Throughout the conflict the bloody victor makes orations
Roasting the tongue and the flesh and the bones.

Now Rabelaius and Nostradamus were contemporaries with both being residence of Southern France and they may well have attended Montpellier university at the same time, so to find such references should come as no real surprise.

The anagrams giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Belarusian vipers dire genu use Rabelaius Panurge erotic sublinguae
2. Persepolis perils tempt priest enter petrols quantile entrapment
3. Etruscan uuarnings Panurgic theatrical affliction Cathar genu evict
4. Allan heretical genu earliest suitors loses
After the victory of the raving tongue,
The spirit tempered in tranquillity and repose:
Throughout conflict bloody victor makes orations
Roasting the tongue  the flesh and the bones.
Apres victoire de rabiuſe langue
L'eſprit tempte en tranquil et repos
Victeur ſanguin par conflict faict harangue
Roustir la langue et la chair et les os.
He befriends hard-partying jokester Panurge . Together with a group of friends, they intoxicate an army of invading giants, burn their camp, and drown survivors in urine. Epistemon, decapitated in the fray, recovers when Panurge sews his head back to his body. He reports that souls in hell are poorly paid and work bad jobs, but that's the extent of their torments. Another battle is missed by the narrator, who is exploring the civilization in Pantagruel's mouth at the time. agruel

The verse is also filled with other names that mark out a large part of the Mediterranean, Ligurian and Aegean Seas. And these earlier allusions serve as allegories for what appear to be a petrol war between Russia, Belarus, Persia and much of Europe.

  1. <rabelaiuS / belaruSia / pAnurge victories> <Subaerial gun> <prAgue belaruSian / unraiSable vorticies> <Ape evictors belaruSia dire gun> superActive
  2. <tempt PerSepoliS (Persia) quin entreat> <periLs pose> <trite entrapment> <repentant prieSt met peter soLe> <tarquin (last king of Rome 6thc BCE) petrols > <~periLS tempt quran epistoler tenet~> <tripLeS petros> <soLe prieSt pentameter><petros quin triplets pentameter>
  3. <~ cathar gun affliction natures panurgic Vice~> <gun pain curatiVeS> <uuarningS evict> <etruScan> <afflcit thracian> <unSparing arc> <uuaterSign Vice> anSuuering Ithaca hangar chart
  4. <ouR etherial sos stir allan> <loses theatrical><heretical tale its ouR sos> <heretical gun elate> <all stir our uta-gene>earliest aerolites rituals  

1: sublinguae, theatrical, uuatersign, ansuuering, entrapment, Persepolis, unsparing, uuarnings, pentameter, Thracian, repentant, popeless, abiured,
2: superactive, Belarusian, unraisable, heretical, panurgic, epistoler, Ithaca, hangar, curatives,
3: subaerial, affliction, Rabelaius, triplets, fornical, suitors,  
4: voiceparts, victories, vortices, etherial, 
5: Etruscan, Tarquin, suitor, rituals,
6: evicts, Cathar, vices, Allan,
7: aerolites, Panurge, vipers,
8: Augean,
9: fact, uta-gene
10: Franco, entreat, trails / trials,
11: earliest, arieh,
12: -
13: petrols, unseal, evict, tempt,
14: quantile, resplit / triples, Prague, chart, runas,
15: sauing, strip, vice,
16: -,
17: dearer / reared / reader,
18: losers,
19: bared / bread,
20: -,
21: -,
22: conflict, erotic, chair. 

Rabelaius, Panurge, theatrical, sublinguae, answering, Persepolis, entrapment, Thracian, warnings, Ithaca, Belarusian suitors, Etruscan Tarquin, heretical Cathar, affliction, Allan, aerolites, curatives, superactive, Augean, vipers, earliest trials, unseal, dearer, petrol, Franco, conflict, resplit, quantile, losers, entreat, erotic, chart.

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