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Nostradamus C4 Q58: Stolen enriched uranium is captured in the Black Sea.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

When reading the text of this verse the reader cannot help but to be struck by the peculiar strength of its wording. Strong but seemingly meaningless until the anagrams underlying it are seen. To swallow the burning Sun in the throat then becomes Nostradamus clever metaphor for the changing tide of energy usage as the world moves from gasolines ( ans le goſi) and the output from colleries ( ſier colle) to energy forms such as nuclear energy. The older forms can affect the melting of the  iceshelf ( Chef ſeil) which but the new energy based on uranium-Ra-ores ( umain arrouſer) when it goes awry can produce isotopes that kill people. The story of the anagrams relates to a shipment of illegally obtained ore from the Northern shores of the Black Sea that is destined for a port in Italy but which is captured off the coast of Turkey.

 The anagrams also suggest Nostradamus own dating system is based on naming considerations used for the belt of Orion the Hunter and that this Constellation heads his astronomic cycle. This cycle may be the Latona cycle mentioned in a flood tale context in C.01 Q.62.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

lands gasolines andc olleries lose
Soleil ardent dans le goſier coller

Rumania uranium-ra (radium)-ores routes reset request skewed human-ages 
De ſang humain arrouſer terre Etruſque

lifes ill evade Norsemen infernos refills iceshelf
Chef ſeille d'eaue mener ſon fils filer

eudaemonicv dative come once unconceited inductee enter truer Quacer pact
Captiue dame conduicte en terre Turque
# Rumania: Older form of Romania (up to mid 19thC). Modern Romania is between Bulgaria and Ukraine with one border being the Black Sea where Constanta the largest port in the Black Sea is located.
eudaemonic: that which creates happiness or welfare - from the Greek for 'good spirit'.
# eduction: to bring or draw out something that is potential or latent.
To swallow the burning Sun in the throat,
The Etruscan land washed by human blood
The chief pail of water, to lead his son away,
Captive lady conducted into Turkish land.
Soleil ardent dans le goſier coller
De ſang humain arrouſer terre Etruſque
Chef ſeille d'eaue mener ſon fils filer
Captiue dame conduicte en terre Turque
L1: <~slanted roleS ireland collerieS go~><gaSolines dent railed core><loSer rallied>

L2: <~rumania routeS err hangS rEqueSt Due~><turqs uSeD><human-ageS rEqueSt Due iran iSe-terror><uranium-ra(radium)-ores hang SeeD>rouSe

L3: <infernoS refills iCeShelf><norSemen euade><infernoS ill feeS filChers><Cheer lifeS led> neume rifle leCher

L4: <eudaemonic inductee paCt><~entice Truer manucoded picture-equate~><Captiue inductee codename><enter Truer eduction><unconceited made Captiue>uureCq encited
1: Rumania, eudaemonic, filchers, uranium-ra-ores,
2: unconceited, human-ages, code-name(d), Norsemen, eelfish,
3: colleries, manucode, iceshelf, refills, fills, Turqs,
4: infernos, datiue, hangs, hung,
5: preacquit, rifles,
6: gasolines, 
7: -
8: eduction, request, goes,
9: inductee,
10: recoils,
11: recoil, rifle,
12: Marian, Quacer,
13: induct, Hercle / lecher, files / lifes / flies,
14: -
15: -
16: reroutes,
17: -
18: Reuters,
19: mania,
20: -
21: -
22: Medea,
23: relose, relic.

Rumania, eudaemonic, filchers, uranium-ra-ores, unconceited, human-ages, Norsemen, code-name, Turqs, infernos, refills, colleries, iceshelf, dative, hung, gasolines, eduction, Marian, Quacer, request, rifle, recoils, inductee, flies, reroutes, Reuters, mania.

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