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Nostradamus C4 Q59: Modern medicines affect genes of growth.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story in the text and anagrams of this verse are about the impact of medication upon the evolution of humankind. Anagrammatic words that are of greatest importance for this story, include  modernisation ( ois de Nira monſt), powder ( pour deu), products ( cts pour d), explains ( x plaines), genes ( gez en).

The anagrams in this verse include:

used as sieges near Ardenne fewer were referent
Deux aſſiegez en ardente ferueur

dose stupefications powders captions plainest asset products explains constipate
De ſoif eſtaincts pour deux plaines taſſes

loftier meet evil event artilleries literal sewer
Le fort lime et vn vieillart reſueur

austerer usage genes even romanised stars ordainments assert modernisations start
Aux Geneuois de Nira monſtra traſſe
Two beset in burning fervor
By thirst for two full cups extinguished,
The strong lime and an old dreamer,
To the Genevans he will show the track from Nira.
Deux aſſiegez en ardente ferueur
De ſoif eſtaincts pour deux plaines taſſes
Le fort lime et vn vieillart reſueur
Aux Geneuois de Nira monſtra traſſe
L1: <~genez auxeSiS (increase in growth rate) feruent Deuuer read~>

L2: <proudest anticS><aSSeSSed plainest products uxe in feaSt><if DoSe conStipates><plain products uxe><rude DoSe Stupefications explains aSSets><if DoSe explain Scantiest pouuder aSSets><eDeSSas Saint ioSef products><DoSes aSSents> <anticS postured><intact> fateS

L3: <loftier Use meet ill treaSure ruLe><villein treaSure><artillerieS vein><ill event Loftier treaSure vie>

L4: <art moderNiSations><~aSSert roman uxAGe iNside ouen~><uxA aSSert oman Start Gene derision><iNside ou-r Gene> <Start iN roman/iSed ideS (week for full moon)> <Star ordaiNmentS> <Nostradam-ien StarS ar-iSe><romanS seA air Start><roman Star ioNised SeA-Star>
L1: [SiegeS arDeux feuuer] [refute endnear][ardent genez]

L2: [dreux Stupefications DoseS][explains pouuder Scantiest][aSSesSeD plainest uxed] [conStipates ioSef][pouuders intact][postured anticS][products Saint][eDeSSas salient][copts Stain][SeeDs asSent]

L3: [uuatererS villein evemt][lime forteL euruS] [loftier uSruLe][Seuuer literal][lermite fLoe] artillerieS

L4: [aSSert aStron meridiaNs][tartar romanS iNside][Start mano riNsed] [manoS diNer][monS direaN] moderNisationS ordaiNmentS ramoNdines rainStorm Normandie romaNised
1: stupefications, modernisations, constipates, ordainments, artilleries, products, explains,
2: meridians, pouuders, explain, inside, tartar, Saint Iosef, derision,
3: Ramondines, rainstorm, captions, villein, assessed, uxages, assets, nazere,
4: auxesis, feuuer,
5: romanised, scantiest, proudest / postured, uuaterers, pouuder, assents,
6: plainest, loftier, axunge, refute, uxage,
7: Edessas, genez,
8: -
9: -
10: post / stop / spot / tops,
11: austerer / treasure, spout, 
12: stupor,
13: literal, seuuer,
14: matrons, intact, start,
15: fortel, sieges, fates / feast, stars,
16: rinsed,
17: Iosef,
18: Reuters, refuel,
19: -,
20: -
21: -
22: -,
23: floe.

stupefications, modernisations, ordainments, constipates, artilleries, products, explains, tartar, derision, inside, Saint Josef, powders, villein, assessed, meridians, rainstorm, usage, feuuer, assets, plainest, scantiest, romanised, captions, waterers, proudest, auxesis, assents, Edessas, austerer, genes, refute, matrons, literal, stupor, start, fates, stars,


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