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Nostradamus C4 Q60: Children are sacrificed to save a favored son.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 60 Seven child hostages. The parent of the third kills his son after the son attacks two othersThis verse presents a story of a future time when humankind is under great pressure from evolutionary advances. In this particular tale a family at the heart of the events perform long-forgotten sacrificial practices upon several of their children to save one of their sons.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Ten less steps fans anthogenesis aisles
2. Elite revisit end fruticant verities reason relied
3. Cercopes aruspex supercede arson if lesser Norse decrees not precosted
4. Durance felons gender violences enclose adversion role nuance
# anthogenesis: production of both males and females from unfertilised ova.
fruticant: full of shoots.
Osthanes: name of magician used by ancient Greek writers as a pen name.
Cercopes: ancient Gk - michievous forest creatures that roam world playing tricks on humans.
# aruspex: divination using the entrails of sacrificial animals.
The seven children left in hostage,
The third will come to slaughter his child
Because of his son two pierced by the point
Genoa, Florence, he will come to confuse them.
Les ſept enfans en hoſtaige laiſſes
Le tiers viendra ſon enfant trucider
Deux par son filz ſeront d'eſtoc perces
Gennes Florence los viendra encunder
L1: <anthogenesiS peStLess aiSleS><goatiSh aiSle leSs Steepness><ethnoS /honeSt Steepens Less agile fans><agile hoSt><agile oathS><ageiSt fan shone> <oSthanes agile fan Steepens LeSs><ligateS Sleeps

L2: <~oanneS fruticant tiers /vestri eLder driven~><tinctured fan steriLe adverSion><insertive roadS / Sardon /adornS reLied><tinctured fan inversed reaSon><reaSoned curt revisit reLied><eridanvS curt rites none reLied><reinvites nordeanS><restive verities strive

L3: <~filter'd-zoneS superceDe parsonx coSt~><coptS creedS noted norSe aruspex><parson excuseD not precoSted><coptS Decrees noted><excurseD parson cope>cercopes rescued / seducer / reduces arson

L4: <endurance enGenders Felons violences><insolvence redundance genre><durance enGender nonselF violences><oversilence Felons Gender nuance><invader clones role><enclose><clones nuance Greed driven role>adversion
2: Cercopes, revisit,
3: tinctured, insertive , goatish, engenders, precedes, Copts, nuance,
4: excursed, ligates,
5: adversion (2x), reduces, seducer, honest, decrees,
6: olives, felons, ageist, loves / solve,
7: engender, Durance, oaths, shone,
8: restive, ligate, strive,
9: aruspex, costed,
10: -
11: -
12: creeps,
13: Adrienne, floes,
14: creeds / screed, revise, host, hone,
15: zeros,
16: cried,
17: relied,
18: excused, seduce / educes,
19: -
20: enclose, 
21: Oannes,
22: creep.
23: -

fruticant, anthogenesis, honest, endurance, supercede, Osthanes, verities, insolvence, violences, revisit, Cercopes, engenders, tinctured, goatish, aruspex, nuance, reinvites, Copts, decrees, ligates, excursed, oaths reduces, felons, adversion, ageist, creeds, costed, host, relied, excused, floes, zeros, creep.


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