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Nostradamus C4 Q63: Cause of Great Floods becomes base for faith and war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

and I find that the world before the universal conflagration will experience many deluges with inundations so high that there will be no soil that is not covered by water; and this will be for such a long time that all would be lost except for the records of enographies and topographies... Nostradamus' Preface to Cesar 1555

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 63 Celtic Army pitted against mountaineers learned in Bird calls while peasants leran new technology as they are conscripted into war.This verse takes us to the future in its text and returns to the past to show the nature of the battles to be fought. The period is that when the great floods have drowned much of the land as mentionned in his Preface to Cesar, his Epistle to Henry and many of his Prophecies (See Floods for more). The nature of the battles is set by the divide between those who seek guidance from an unproven divine source and those who look to human knowledge of the universe for their answers. An anagram for Azotus ( z tous au) also appears in verse C4 Q78 where it os accompanied by a story of resistance movements during WWII.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1.Quiet electrons antagonism realarms transmarginal smelter elect
2. Nestorius queries use counters alas Allans sailplane enpictures
3. Portentous fans prays Faust use soft sporez Fagnau sprang
4. Fusillade fluid filled Azotus field epees pierce spite Alsufi set out
# Azotus: old name for Israel's largest port.
Al Sufi(903-986 CE): one of the famous nine Muslim astronomers - he made the first written attempy to unify the Hellenic and Islamic names for the stars.
Nestorius: 4-5thC CE Arhbishop of Constantinople - dissenter with ideas in the Nicean Creed
Faust: legendary figure who preferred human knowledge over the divine.
The Celtic army against mountaineers,
Those learned and able in bird-calling
Peasants will soon work fresh presses,
All hurled on the sword's edge.
L'armee Celtique contre les montaignars
Qui ſeront ſceuz et prins a la lipee
Paysans freſz pouſeront toſt faugnars
Precipitez tous au fil de l'eſpee.
L1: <on giant eleCtromecanique smelter><once transmarginaL molester quit><electron antagonism quiet><Cemeterial gnarLs><~Celtique giant realarmS electron omens~><solemn giant>metal-ions / saint-elmo (fire) counter atoning relents

L2: <priezt / ztripe cue reQueStionS sailplane><priezt counterS allans><~alas Sect print pile no Queries uze~><QuerieS on pile palestrina (town near Rome) uze><priezt routineS allans cues><norSe Cetus>

L3: <portentouS fugatoS><farneSs sPrays><espousez fauSt sPrang to say fans torn><a Soft portentouS gun><a Soft gun rotten>onerouS

L4: <zetout fusillade><Pierce pit><filled out pitiez usa creeP><~alsufi led out epic PeeperS zite~><~PeeperS fluid elSe to usa c (100) pitiez~><azotus (Israel city) ePipteric (small bone in skull) fluid Seep / Sleep>
1: electromecanique, transmarginal, antagonism, questioners, Palestrina / psalterian, fusillade, epipteric, fugatos, sprays,
2: portentous, metal - ions, Saint - Elmo, cemeterial, fluid, peeps,
3: requestion / questioner, sailplane, idleful, Azotus, zetout, Alsufi, soft,
4: molester, Gratian, onerous, pierce, Faust,
5: filled,
6: spirant, Allans, again, Cetus, peep,
7: Nestorius,
8: Equorins, prays, ztep,
9: counters, smelter, sprang, price, fast,
10: field,
11: atoning, routines, pertains, painters, tezt, poz,
12: -
13: uuas,
14: prints,
15: queries, pays,
16: epic,
17: -
18: ounce,
19: -
20: -
21: quilt, risque / squire,
22: giant, creep,
23: electrons.

electro-mecanique, transmarginal, smelter, fusillade, sprays, portentous, metal - ions, questioners, antagonism, sailplane, Saint - Elmo, fluid, electrons, field, Palestrina, Azotus, painters, setout, test, Alsufi, soft, Cetus, prints, Gratian, prays, onerous, step, pertains, atoning, routines, Faust, pierce, Nestorius, epic, again, Allans, queries, filled, counters, pays, price, idleful, molester, peeps.

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