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Nostradamus C4 Q64: The monarch whose interest lies in the concept of the Christian soul.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 64 A transgressur dressed in Bourgois garb is brought before the King and then handed over to 15 bandits to be executed.The key to this verse lies in its anagrams referencing three cities, ancient Troy, Thebes and Venice. From the anagrams alongside these city names we can detect a consistent theme for it indicates that an ill Theban rogue debit Louis (ill -an - t en hab - it de b- ourge ois L), Troy learned vice (ce Vi - endra le - Roy t) and Venice learned Troy temper (ence Vi -en dra le Roy t -empter).

But this verse has much more to contribute through its conformity to a pattern about people who seek to raise the dead and in particular Jesus. Critical in this interpretation are the cluster of anagrams, for eulogiser (urgeois Le), glories (rgeois L), defiles (is Le def), soul (ſoul), deliverance ( nce Viendra l). It is these and others  that bind the underlying story to religious rituals concerning the dead. And it is the links of habited Burgo ( habit de -bourg) that will eventually allow the tale to be tied to Jean de Bernuy and the sect who acted as Nostradamus' patrons.

The anagrams in this verse include:

1. Glories Athena fed fail ill Theban then habited Burgo
2. Evidence deliverance remotely tempt deter son of deviance
3. Josquin zones load Tzar sour Uppsalr vast parts Pauls Agios pall
4. Deviance denier fetched as each device Venice received
The transgressor in bourgeois garb,
He comes to try the King with his offense
Fifteen soldiers for the most part bandits,
Last of life and chief of his fortune.
Le deffaillant en habit de bourgeois
Viendra le Roy tempter de ſon offence
Quinze ſouldartz la plus part Vſtagois
Vie derniere et chef de ſa cheuance.
  1. <debit theban rogue feed soil fail><euLogiser fed fail> <uroLogies feed theban debit fail><eLoise habited burgo><theban orbitude (orphaned state) Doubter / obtrude gLories defiLes
  2. <tRoy deliVerance><Venice endorSe learned off tRoy><Soon retempted> <inVader Remotely fence>
  3. <Quisin goats v [5] parts druz-zealotS (Syrian sect) pall<Soul darts pall><paul VaSt parts go><loud tzar pall><adult zoneS> uppsala
  4. <unerachievanceSe fetched><he receiVed entiree> eVidence Venice chaSed deViance eVinced
1: druzzealots, urologies, retempted, remotely, deviance, evidence, received, glories, Theban, device,
2: deliverance, orbitude, Josquin, defaces, pallz, zones,
3: eulogiser, fetched, offence, sonof, goats, Agios, goat,
4: habited, evinced, tempter, dartz,
5: defiles, quisin, zequin, baited, fetch, eerie,
6: evince / Venice, Euhan, tzar,
7: doubter / obtrude, Bathin,
8: debit, zens,
9: brogue, quins, fades,
10: -
11: Uppsala,
12: vast,
13: Isolde, tempt,
14: then,
15: Burgo, Doube, Eloise, fence, vice,
16: Uppsalr, endorse,
17: feeds, soon,
18: chased, fleed,
19: -
20: habit, debt, off,
21: -
22: -
23: -

urologies, retempted, remotely, deviance, evidence, received, glories, Theban, device, deliverance, orbitude, Josquin, defaces, pallz, zones, eulogiser, fetched, offence, sonof, goats, Agios, habited, evinced, tempter, dartz, defiles, baited, fetch, eerie, Venice, Euhan, tzar, obtrude, Bathin, debit, zens, brogue, quins, fades, Uppsala, vast, Isolde, tempt, then, Burgo, Doube, Eloise, fence, vice, Uppsalr, endorse, chased, fleed, habit, debt, off. 

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