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Nostradamus C4 Q65: Man sets out to rebuild the World he has destroyed.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has many links to C4 Q82 since they both deal with a period where humans have to redress the damage done by deforestation. In this verse there are a sequence of anagrams in the first line that provide this tone and they say truer seed for garlanded trees ( deſe - rteur -de la grand -for - tereſ) and this is backed by restores sea ( ortereſ -ſe A) and adviser fear grains seasons proved ( duerſai - re - fera -ſi gran - d proue -ſſe Son a).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

assured truer seed deal foresters garlanded for trees restores Seas
Au deſerteur de la grand fortereſſe

Parques (Fates) wakes arson evil abandon  none unaidable
Apres qu'aura ſon lieu abandonne

Ossenes adviser fears grains seasons proved granaries proudness rarefies airs fire
Son aduerſaire fera ſi grand proueſſe

torturesome cremators damn dracon ancestor named outermost reactors repel-men
L'Empereur toſt mort ſera condamne
# Ossenes: a name used in ancient times to refer to a part of the Essene cult.
Parques: French name for the Roman Parcae who were female personnifications of destiny. They were often called the Fates in English. In latin their names were Nona, Decima and Morta.
Towards the deserter of the great fortress,
After he will have abandoned his place,
His adversary will exhibit very great prowess,
The Emperor soon dead will be condemned.
Au deſerteur de la grand fortereſſe
Apres qu'aura ſon lieu abandonne
Son aduerſaire fera ſi grand proueſſe
L'Empereur toſt mort ſera condamne
L1: <truer Seed garlanded reforeStS><reuSed regulated SeAS for tree><SeAS graal tree frond><adulterer Seed>reStoreS

L2: <eluSion abandon pArques aura><anne abadon a uuar eluSion><none unnaidable on a pArques aura><anne adon uuaqes uiable arSon><uuarloans>:

L3: <aduiSer ponderouSneSS refer Sigara (beetle)><SeaSon drop rarefieS granarieS uSe><~proud oSSeneS sure Sigara dna free air~><~eSSo fire proues urSae diSarrange dna><arraignS><proudneSS><pardon>

L4: <tortureSome creatorS damn><moSt Store dacon truer name><outermoSt reactorS damn><tremorS tortureS><~anceStor named EL em p truer motorS~> <name dracon route moSt reSt><manned reactor> coarse traceS arreSt
1: ponderousness, torturesome, unaidable, Ossenes,
2: reregulated, fortressed, proudness, seasons,
3: outermost, cremators, creators / reactors,
4: rarefies, motors,
5: regulated,
6: arraigns, tortures,
7: granaries, adulterer, reforests, forester,
8: disarrange, fronted, rondeau,
9: tremors,
10: -
11: abandon, frond, refire,
12: -
13: restores, manned,
14: -
15: elusion, enamel,
16: garlanded, reroutes, aqueus / uuaqes, drop,
17: restore, most,
18: stouter, aduiser, reroute, Reuters, steered,
19: Parques, auras,
20: ancestor,
21: -
22: monad, 
23: sefira.

Ossenes, torturesome, ponderousness, reregulated, cremators, reactors, proudness, arraigns, unaidable, adulterer, outermost, seasons, rarefies, manned, granaries, foresters, motors, tremors, disarrange, frond, most, drop, refire, restores, truer seed for garlanded trees, aduiser, elusion, wakes, Parques, steered, ancestor, sefira, auras.




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