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Nostradamus C4 Q66: Deep sea polar explorers seek treasure and ignore impacts on divers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is an intriguing verse since it seems to foretell exploration for treasure in the deepest and most remote regions of the world. The pursuit of this project is only possible by dehumanising the world's people and ignoring the adverse effects of the events that free up hitherto unreachable treasures. It is a foretelling of the economic mindset, the power of wealth and position and the hypocrisy aroused when profit must be weighed against the well-being of sections of mankind.

The structure of the verse is supplied by anagrams such as treasurers ( rateurs Ser), inhumaneness ( ennes humains) dehumanises ( es humains de), explorers ( ers explor), deepest ( e de ſept), polar ( plora), waters ( teurs Au), steepest ( ſept teſte), descent ( ncte de ſ), sediments ( nt ſemes di), treasures ( ateurs Ser), divers ( diuers), failure ( leur fai).

The most significant anagrams in this verse include:

so sub lower interfaced unfair steepest descent deepest test reassess frantic failure
Soubz couleur faincte de ſept teſtes raſees

remoteness sediments divers residues explorers treasurers treasures
Seront ſemes diuers explorateurs

poisons often stupefy nation instead innate needs espouse soften  roars
Puys et fontaines de poyſons arrouſees

four wars greet[e]d maidens gene inhumaneness dehumanises our waters
Au fort de Gennes humains deuorateurs. 

C3 Q92

Under the feigned color of seven shaven heads
Diverse spies will be scattered:
Wells and fountains sprinkled with poisons,
At the fort of Gennes devourers of men.
Soubz couleur faincte de ſept teſtes raſees
Seront ſemes diuers explorateurs
Puys et fontaines de poyſons arrouſees
Au fort de Gennes humains deuorateurs
  1. <frantic reaSSess deepeSt teSt><teSt decent Step failure><fair descent><louuer Sea eSso zub SteepeSt reST><SteepeSt deScent failure><interfaced Step eraSes teSt>
  2. <explorers diues noteS treaSures><ex-diuers Surest polar remoteneSS><~monSter diues explores treaSures~><treaSurerS demiSe not sure><reusex true polar Sediments><meetS norSE residues><portal /patrol reiSsued monSter treasure>
  3. <~nation re-arouSes seed poySons stupefy~> <instead Sees Puy soften our arSon> <Sees our inate arSons Puys often posed> estonian
  4. <orate inhumaneness due Grofted uuArs><for uuAters humanise a sounder gene><for our maidens uuAters Grofted><dehumanises our uuAters Gene> foresAuu
1: inhumaneness, dehumanises, treasurers, stupefy, explorers, foresauu, grofted,
2: infarcted / infracted, poysons, explores, ex-diuers, plexors, flouuer,
3: interfaced, humanised, humanises, sediments, frantic, steepest,
4: expulser / plexures, rearouses, Antoine, soften, unfair,
5: remoteness, humanise, Estonian, treasures, reassess,
6: failure, demises, depose,
7: residues / reissued, arsons,
8: Roseuuater, descent, streets, innate, demise,
9: reuxes,
10: patrol / portal,
11: uuaters, deepest, undoes, decent,
12: enticed, aroused, posy,
13: surest, often, roars, zub,
14: sounder, uuars, orate (2x),
15: anoint / nation, posed, uuares, uuears, suuear,
16: maidens, deriues / residue,
17: -
18: instead,
19: espouse,
20: -,
21: louuer,
22: -
23: -

treasurers, inhumaneness, dehumanises, ex-divers, foresaw, poisons, flower, stupefy, frantic, divers, humanises, explorers, steepest, descent, soften, reassess, unfair, remoteness, interfaced, sediments, treasures, failure, innate residues, deepest, waters, often, undoes, soundest, nation, wars, instead espouse, maidens, portal.


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