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Nostradamus C4 Q68: Research leading to cloning of dinosaurs.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 68 When Venus nearby two greatest leaders of Asia and Africa joined in war with those of the Rhone and LiguriaIn this verse there are anagrams for two words, sugar ( us gra) and dinosaur ( u'on dira ſ), that seem out of place yet they are reconcilable in a story of the future that relies on DNA manipulation and cloning of living things from their extinct remnants. In such a context the text of the verse becomes less bizarre since it then refers to the locations where such materials are discovered and not to some nondescript battle. The full story in the verse then relates to research into high end physics such as that at Geneva where scientists are seeking the most basic of particles involved in the creation of the universe. The implication from the anagrams is that this research will prove crucial to the events making the cloning of a dinosaur possible.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Biennales crop Enoch echo loosening venues even Sun needing
2. Sugar detailedness sequel defeat ideals tariffed liquers expulsed
3. Thundery entry this questor querist vent on dinosaur versation
4. Crequy eulogists picturesquely rules Mars late cost elate guiltiest cirque
# radions: hypothetical particle relevant to high end collider research at places such as Geneva
Crequy: a family name from northern France.
At a nearby place not far from Venus
Two greatest ones of Asia and of Africa,
From Rhine & Lower Danube it is said
Cries, tears at Malta and the Ligurian side.
En l'an bien proche non eſloigne de Venus
Les deux plus grans de l'Asie et d'Affrique
Du Ryn et Hister qu'on dira ſont venus
Crys pleur ſa Malte et coste liguſtique.
L1: <pen looSening chore need VEnues><need VEnues hone legionS crop><pen chore none loSing biEnnale sun><eVen usE><enoch> unsEen unSeal

L2: <sugar detAiledness expulsed><~plus Aisle uxed tAriffed dangers sequeL><ideAls defeat>plugs

L3: <sun vent ordainS / radionS tHunDeRy querist><Ruyn undo tHe intravenouS striqe>< tHunDeRy Venus not striqe dinoSaur><tHe querist><undo verSation>

L4: eulogistS piCturesquely alarMS><spruCely taleMaSter uglieSt cost><Crequy (Blanchefort) guiltieSt><Cry uglieSt cost quite elate MarS><~spry guileS Cirque rule cost StaleMate~><urSae Metal><quietuS spruCely alarMS>
1: guiltiest, eulogists, picturesquely, thundery, sprucely, stalemate, Crequy,
2: intravenous, biennales, defeat,
3: detailedness, talemaster, thirteens, striqe, dinosaur, tariffed, 
4: versation, duplexes / expulsed, alarms, tugs,
5: loosening, ordains / radions, questor, radios, fated,
6: quietus, querist, this,
7: riff,
8: reliques, guiles, theirs, venues, entry,
9: loosen, unseen,
10: -
11: cirque, liquer, 
12: ordain / radion, Nelson, quits, scry,
13: unseal, Malta, roque,
14: drains, venue, hone, then,
15: -
16: spry,
17: fad,
18: Enoch, cry,
19: guile, ruyn,
20: ideals,
21: -
22: -
23: legion, lends.

eulogists, guiltiest, versation, Crequy, talemaster, picturesquely, pen, detailedness, cirque, thundery, strike, loosening, unseen, radions, querist, defeat, stalemate, tariffed, biennales, reliques, venue, entry, questor, intravenous, liquer, expulsed, fated, dinosaur, unseal, Malta, quietus, then, Enoch, cry, alarms, ruin, legion, ideals.

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