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Nostradamus C4 Q69: A city in which people are killed by radioactive actinides.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 69 Exiles hold a great city after killing most of its  citizens and driving out the rest. This occurs at the time a new ape coexists with mankind. This verse holds anagrams for actinides storms (es citadin - s morts) where the former term refers to the series in which many of the most dangerous radioactive elements lie. There is a very potent verse (C7 Q19 ) where the term actinides is discussed in detail however it also links quite closely to the text of the second line of this verse.

The anagrams highlight a story that is familiar throughout many verses; the citizens of a great city (Budapest) are driven out by their governments employment or storage of radioactive weapons. In this verse the anagrams tell us that a storm in citadels muster richest (s Les citad - in - s mort - ts meur - ris et ch) only to denigrate (ite grande) resident (es tiendr) masses (aſſes Mfor their desertion (es tiendro) of ethics (is et ch).

The anagrams of greatest potential for resolving this verse include:

1. Doctrinal lattice lacerating enlarged legends destine resident sextile danger 
2. Randomists muster citadels actinides deisticalness stricture slashes ethics
3. Lux clue  Rome tormentor equalixed ape pamperer
4. Some monsters relent masses repent realise stars omens eluxions 
The exiles will hold the great city,
The citizens dead, murdered and driven out
Those of Aquileia will promise Parma
To show them the entry via untracked place.

La cite grande les exiles tiendront
Les citadins morts meurtris et chaſſes
Ceulx d'Aquilee a Parme promettront
Monstrer l'entree par les lieux non traſſes.

L1:<great sextile (60deg) needles><resident not Lacerating><torn cartilage destine lexis><granted doctrinal><nordien Lattice enlarged sex lies><~exiles lend aLtercating desertion>creating / reacting cLattering decelerating destine enlisted

L2: <actinides / indicates stricture has less storms><it scaLes minds chaSeS storm site~><~richest citadelLs muster aSSes in storm><deiSticAlness (indifferent creator) cheatS><truer ethics><domains restrict muster><saintdom restrict muster> simons

L3:<Clue equAlixed aPe remap rome>tormentor rotten Counter quAiled

L4: <oMens uxe no lies enter paler StarS><Monsters treaSonS><aSSert lies enter paler Monsters non uxe><Monsters relent uxe reSonantS><MaSSes torn>MaSSes MoSes peter repeat

1: deisticalness, decelerating, altercating, letter-count, doctrinal, equalixed, saintdom, stricture, Nimrods,
2: clattering,
3: randomists, cartilage, restrict,
4: lacerating, indicates / actinides, tormentor, domains, enlisted, El-Quida / quailed, trisect, sextile, minds, sashes,
5: desertion, elastics / scaliest,
6: ethics, motet,
7: resonants, citadels, argentic, creating / reacting, diactin, needles, slices, masses, 
8: denigrate, iceless, storms,
9: pillaers,
10: richest, sachets / scathes,
11: inserted / resident, muster, Quida, mutes,
12: lattice / tactile, chasses, chest, tiger,
13: exiles, Moses, exile,
14: monsters, Castile / elastic, destine, triage,
15: torment, lasses, stars,
16: -
17: redacting, Lexis, Parma,
18: -
19: treasons, norms,
20: -
21: chaste / cheats / scathe, chats, terms, 
22: granite, cheat / teach,
23: Simon.

doctrinal, deisticalness, equalised, saintdom, randomists, altercating, letter-count, stricture, indicates, El-Quida tormentor, enlisted, actinides, lacerating, Nimrods, domains, clattering, sextile, minds, restrict, creating, iceless, storms, needles, lacerating, citadels, richest, resident, muster, masses, denigrate, ethics, desertion, Castile , destine, Moses, exiles, torment.


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