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Nostradamus C4 Q71: Therapeuts revolt leads to murder at Thadeus wedding.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 71 Daughters slaughtered instead of the Bride, no survivors vestal inundated in the deep wellThe following verse is part of a series linking an Essenean-like sect of the first century CE to a story of murder during a marriage. (See C.10 Q.89 for more). This verse brings together the extremely rare anagrams for Therapeutas ( te par hauſte) and Theudas ( hauſte d') with both these terms being relevant to events in the Levant in the first century CE. Its text talks of murder involving a bride and her companions.


Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

1. I espoused cluster eludes lifes seed lines
2. Eastern pleasurist flaunted pulsimeter arranged
3. Edda lands utensils outlines seed lines Iules node vest Plussey
4. Capetian chapter necessitate Therapeutas Theudas inosculated nucleotidase poles
In place of the bride daughters slaughtered,
Murder with great error no survivor to be:
Within the well vestals inundated,
Bride extinguished by a drink of Aconite.
En lieu d'eſpouſe les filles trucidees
Meurtre a grand faulte ne ſera ſuperſtile
Dedans le puys veſtules inondees
L'eſpouſe estaincte par hauſte d'Aconile.

Therapeutae, Greek Therapeutai ('Healers','or 'Attendants'), singularTherapeutes, Jewish sect of ascetics closely resembling the Essenes, believed to have settled on the shores of Lake Mareotis in the vicinity of Alexandria, Egypt, during the 1st century ad. The sect was unusually severe in discipline and mode of life. The Holy Scriptures were treated as allegorical, believing that the words of the literal text were symbols of something hidden. They held a dualistic view of body and soul.

Theudas (died c. 46 AD) was a Jewish rebel of the 1st century AD. His name, if a Greek compound, may mean "gift of God", although other scholars believe its etymology is Semitic and might mean 'flowing with water'. At some point between 44 and 46 AD, Theudas led his followers in a short-lived revolt.

L1: <i cluster lifes sEed line><tells lifes eSpouSed><elSe cEnturies-seed seed fills> lifeless

L2: <~SerenaS pulSiMeter arrange true default~><Serena true default arrange Super liSt><pulSiMeter SerenaS truer age><~Serene pleaSuriSt flaunted a great reum~><~Serene fault arranged paStureS /paSteur'S truer liMe~><prieSt aSSure><aSSure tripleS><lisT uprearS>

L3: <end on yves pulse Deadness><no seed lines saDden><yves utenSils Deaden pulse node><pulse needs eDdan outlineS> <yves sin no luSt unelapsed>

L4: <therapeutaS codA line><poLeS uneaSiest icon date uSA chapter ><duetS harp neceSsitate><~parthenic educAtionS Spell a Seat po uSE~><saint eSpouSe parachuteS daTe><arethuSa pittances See> <a parthenic nucleotidASe> theudAS capetian

1: Therapeutas, parachutes, flaunted, Capetian, utensils, lifeless, chapter, Yves,
2: inosculated, educations, necessitate, pulsimeter, pleasurist, parthenic, insultees, outlines, uneasiest, ashratu, easiest, coda
3: nucleotidase, pittance, superstar, espoused, Arethusa, default, Theudas, cluster, fills,
4: latin-codes, seedline, 
5: pittances, utricles, leoniel, ashertu, fault,
6: pastures, crust, cadet / acted, vests,
7: espouses, utensil, needles, tussle, fill,
8: pseudo,
9: ellipse, Petrus / purest,
10: unelapsed, deadness, Iseult,
11: tells,
12: arrange, lust,
13: lifes / files / flies,
14: resplit / triples, intact,
15: elusion, carpet, posed, Selene,
16: Lepuy, dupes,
17: saddens, fad,
18: uprears, Eddas,
19: espouse, espouse,
20: arranged, harp, flees / feels,
21: list.
22: -
23: -

Therapeutas, bride, murder, parachutes, flaunted, Capetian, utensils, lifeless, chapter, Yves, inosculated, educations, necessitate, pulsimeter, pleasurist, outlines, uneasiest, coda, nucleotidase, pittance, superstar, espoused, default, Theudas, cluster, fills.

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