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Nostradamus C4 Q73: Raising of the dead by occult means began in 1999.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Although there are sixteen anagrams for powers (in the form of pouuers)three of them occur independently in this verse and they each have separate anagrams alongside that sets the structure of this verse so that it becomes a potent focus on our own times. the first line has (in reverse order) core powers real (orce -s prouue- era L). The second line has ill powers ( oeur puſ - ill) and the third has latest educe powers fear (et Ast l- e Duc e -ſprouue -ra Fe). It is these underlying anagrams that places a definitive and sinister tone upon 'The treaty made by the pusillanimous heart.....When the pantomime will take place in the evening'

There are other anagrams that amplify these ideas and they include corpse renewal ( ces pro - uuera Le n), Easter duel corpse ( re et Ast - le Du - c eſpro), and a roman numeral date for 1999 ( mim). There are also anagrams for rosaries ( soir ſera), omnitemporal ( ntomime Par l) and Saviors ( au soir ſ) which add further detail.

Not only is the word powers found three times but so too is cupreous ( ces prouu, u coeur puſ, uc eſprou) a word meaning like copper with the occult properties of this metal being ones of healing and renewal. So the evidence from the anagrams is that this verse describes the use of religious and astrological rites to influence the ghostly rise of the dead during our century.

This repetition of the term powers provides two vital links that are located in  C2 Q35 and C9 Q13 where these themes are expanded.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

learn Wagner pen weep for grandpa corpse cupreous  powers renewal
Le nepueu grand par forces prouuera

each palace fiat produces cupreous millenial powers
La pache fait du coeur puſillanime

rarer Easter tales educe cupreous powers era fears
Ferrare et Ast le Duc eſprouuera

polar squalor savior rise real planet omnitemporal Ammonite rosaries
Par lors qu'au soir ſera le pantomime.
The great nephew by force will test
The treaty made by the pusillanimous heart:
The Duke will try Ferrara and Asti,
When the pantomime will take place in the evening.
Le nepueu grand par forces prouuera
La pache fait du coeur puſillanime
Ferrare et Ast le Duc eſprouuera
Par lors qu'au soir ſera le pantomime.
  1. <grandpa uueep for Learn era procures><core pouuers><for corpse reneuuaL><uuagner pen force reaL pouuers><uuagner procures pad for>cupreous forceps
  2. <paLace main duct ill powerS><cupreouS miLlenia faithed><miLlenia purSue><each pouuerS lilian ampLe duct> pamEla apache
  3. <pouuerS Fear rarer estAte><cupreouS era sAluteD><corpSe uuear lAtest Due><proDuceS lAtest><~Fear eAster rare pouuerS culteD~>
  4. <planet roSaries><Serious squalor><omnitemPoral [eternally everywhere] paler riSe><so paternal / parental squalor riSe><ammonite (sub-ssection of semitic people) Polar sauior relapSe><Palermo / leProma ptomaine><lePanto mime>


  1. procures, 'UUagner (UU=W) procures', 'core pouuers', 'corpse reneuual', faithed, Ammonite, omnitemporal, ptomaine,
  2. forceps, 'ill pouuers (powers)', 'fear pouuers (uu=ww)', Lilian
  3. millenia, produces, rosaries, sauiour (Saviour)
  4. culted, squalor
  5. paternal / parental
  6. pursue, Apache, Lepanto
  7. UUagner (UU=W), Pamela, Palermo / leproma
  8. palace, saluted, serious
  9. cupreous (3 in this verse)
  10. -
  11. mime,
  12. parole,
  13. latest, mmi, imm
  14. rarer, estate, planet
  15. Sauior (Saviour)
  16. pouuers (powers- 3 in this verse- different lines), chafe, pad,
  17. grandpa,
  18. seduce,
  19. uueep,
  20. cheap
  21. greuu, omit,
  22. recoup, uuager, ills,
  23. -
  24. corpse

Pamela, Wagner, procures, core powers, Savior, rosaries, corpse, renewal, Ammonite, faithed, omnitemporal, ill powers, usurped, pleasanter, millenia, produces, palace, squalor, saluted, parental, Lepanto, Palermo, estate, serious, cupreous, forces, salted, planet, latest, rarer, ptomaine, ills, 2001, weep.


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