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Nostradamus C4 Q74: The debate behind the cloning of Jesus.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 74 In the new Deucalion era conflict in Aquataine between existing humans and new humanid clones from the mountains at  existing humankind goes badly for the current species of humankind This verse is one of several that uses loose connections of related words which the methods of Sephirot Coding unifies. They are about ancient themes on the immortality of Gods and Jesus and the relevance of these concepts in fuelling a war late in the 21st Century. Verses C1Q62, C4Q70, C4Q72 and C4Q74 are part of this same jigsaw.

The anagrammatic keys of this verse lie in Ossius ( Souiſſ), executed ( et ceux de) uncanonised ( annonices Du), enumerations ( maine Seront), so Proclus pounce ( coup en - cor plus- So), besmearing Jesus's Souls ( lus So - uiſſes -Germains be).

There are six anagrams for Proclus in the Prophecies. This verse has great relevance to Proclus and his views. Many of the anagrams found in the second line have a quite powerful resonance with the views that philosopher held on the relationship of mortal body and soul to the immortal God(s).

Proclus himself often uses the term 'theology' in [a] metaphysical sense for the study of the first ('divine') principles of all things. His Elements of Theology can in fact be considered an introduction to his metaphysics. The work is a concatenated demonstration of 217 propositions, which may be divided into two halves: the first 112 propositions establish the One, unity without any multiplicity, as the ultimate cause of reality and lay down basic metaphysical concepts/structures such as causality, participation, the relation of wholes to parts, infinity, and eternity. The second half deals with the three kinds of true causes within reality recognized by Proclus: gods (which he calls henads or 'unities',...), intellects, and souls. This elaborate metaphysical framework makes it possible for Proclus to develop a scientific theology, i.e., a demonstration of the procession and properties of the different classes of gods... Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

1. Deucalions dual name calmly executed includes uncanonised manly banner
2. USA assembles clones Susa equitation center used
3. Once Proclus pounce Jesus souls issues besmearing Ossius
4. Norse fated deforciant causes excused humanised mountaineers

C4 Q74
Those of lake Geneva and of Macon:
All assembled against those of Aquitaine:
Many Germans many more Swiss,
They are routed along with those of Humane
Du lac lyman et ceux de Brannonices
Tous aſſemblez contre ceux d'Aquitaine
Germains beaucoup encor plus Souiſſes
Seront defaictz auec ceux d'Humaine.
  1. <since no manly Bannered executed><many call uncanoniseD executed><non nucliDes calmly unexacerBated><Deucalions (ancient Ur floods) Banner><meant incluDes clay on Banner>
  2. <equitation aSSumes caudex electronz><aSSembles concretez uxed><concrete uxed Semble Susa equitation >
  3. <oSSiuS (Roman Empire representative at Antioch Council) Germanises><Souls iSSues> <So proclus (5th C Neoplationist- Soul & God) pounce besmearinG ieSuS>
  4. <deforciant (unlawfully withholding) uxe deHumaniSe> <federationS actz> <mountaineerS / enumerationS> <norSe fated>
1: unexacerbated, uncanonised, enumerations, calmly, besmearing, dehumanise, mountaineers, assumes, germanises,
2: Proconsuls, equitation, deforciant /fornicated, includes / nuclides, Ossius, manly, banner,
3: federations, Deucalions, humanised, electronz, concrete, semblez, clonez,
4: federation, germanise, humanid, issues, cauze,
5: openoccur, assembles, humanise, pounce, fated, germs, actz, clay,
6: Proclus, concert,
7: executed, masses,
8: fronted, defiant, 
9: conines, Erasmien,
10: egress, deft,
11: induces, hud,
12: imager, souls, call,
13: caudex,
14: assemble, abuse,
15: -
16: -
17: beans, issue / Iesus,
18: -
19: reducex, marines / remains, bared / bread,
20: -,
21: centre / recent,
22: -
23: -

unexacerbated, calmly, deforciant, uncanonised, mountaineers, dehumanise, equitation, besmearing, banner, Ossius, Germanises, includes, Deucalions, fated,federations, assembles, concrete, pounce, Proclus, executed, many, souls, Jesus, issue, recent, caudex, remains.


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