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Nostradamus C4 Q75: Benoit family's impact on N's dating mechanism.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 75 One deserts those ready to fight chief adversary victor rear guard defense leaves deserter in white territoryThe interest in this verse comes from Nostradamus' introspection into how the family of his publisher becomes an important factor in the reception of his astronomic calculations. Its focus is defined by sets of definitive anagrams such as Alfonsine ( fenſion L'a) tabular ( rt au bla) defect ( defect) which provides a very apt historical reference point for his use of the astrolabum ( s mort au bla). Another set brings in the name of his first publisher Rigaud Benoit of Lyon but in the contect of another member of the family named Gerard ( regard) Benoit ( obtien) that becomes involved in a nepotic ( ection P) manner. The text of this verse most probably relates to that person.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Parents combat perfection after feared defect notice
2. Heroic deaf adviser Benoit reobtained obedient vatical valedictorian
3. Gerard agrees feared lions defines Lorraine
4. Brutal canter resiles trio  Nostradamus-fallible astrolabum failed

# Alfonsine: name of 13th C tables for calculating position of Sun Moon and planets relative to the fixed stars.
vatical:resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy.
Valedictorian: the person who gives the farewell speech at a graduation ceremony - this honor usually goes to the student gaining highest marks.
Ready to fight one will desert,
The chief adversary obtains the victory
The rear guard will make a defense,
The faltering ones dead in white territory.
Preſt a combatre fera defection
Chef aduerſaire obtiendra la victoire
L'arriere garde fera defenſion
Les defaillans mort au blanc territoire.
L1: <~mob reactS at feared Perfection / frontPiece~><fear bromate ion traceS defect><~cite after combat PerSon feared~><~combat inSPector feed fear rate~><comPenSator cite deaf refer><introSPect><PointerS refer a mob actS><it deface tab contraPoSe refer>

L2: <Chifre reobtained voltaic airS><riCochet fade urSae air vial reobtained><ireland victoria><heroiC valedictorian urSae fade><obedient airS><benoit (Nostradamus publisher) raiSe a rude Chifre to valedictorian>

L3: <regard /agreed fear defineS Lorraine (NW France border)><gerard read aLfonSine free><ariege (Pyrennese S France) feared ionS freed<freed rage deafenS Lion>

L4: <~federaLise ill moans brutal retraction~><~ill moans fade brutal retraction reLies~><nostradamus-fallible retraction reLies><resiLed centraL omans flail>< romans ill fades abut central trio>tabular astrolabum
1: Nostradamus-fallible, valedictorian, untractable, ambulators / astrolabum, federalise, vatical, defect,
2: compensator, introspect, contrapose, reobtained, Alfonsine, ricochet, obedient, tabular, brutal,
3: defecation, frontpiece, perfection, voltaic, theoric, defines, deface,
4: Victoria, mascot,
5: retraction, reception(s), inspector / inceptors, combats, chafed, tubal,
6: central,
7: nepotic, refaced, deafens, avail, Ariege, lava,
8: coparents, flailed, bromate, heroic,
9: resiled, fades, Cato,
10: -
11: pointer(s) / protein(s), Lorraine, failed,
12: trance, coast,
13: Benoit, Gerard, regard,
14: matrons, abut,
15: -
16: chafe,
17: combat, feeds, fad,
18: aduiser, agreed,
19: lancet, norms, coma,
20: rioter, defer / freed,
21: agree,
22: erotic.
23: -

Nostradamus-fallible, vatical, frontpiece, astrolabum, valedictorian, perfection, contrapose, Alfonsine, tabular, defect, compensator, introspect, reobtained, obedient, brutal, theoric, pointers, trance, defines, central, inceptors, Gerard, Benoit, nepotic, coparents, avail, Ariege, Lorraine, retraction, combat, deafens, reception, flailed, coast, resiled, matrons, bromate, fad, adviser, agreed, erotic, coma, freed, heroic, rioter.


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