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Nostradamus C4 Q76: Hitler's experiments revisited in the future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

It is very unlikely that conventional analysis can ever give the text of this and prophetic meaning yet anagram analyis gives a consistency that is both prophetic in the medium and longer terms. In the first line of text the word Nictobriges contributes nothing of sense yet its lettering helps shape anagrams that are biological in nature. Both sclerotin ( ort Les Nic) and insect ( es Nict) are found and these are terms with logical connection (see reference below). Sclerotin is also a term used in the human skeleton particularly the ribs and other joints and represents the hardened material that binds them to the skeleton.

The anagram for sclerotin is followed by one for rib ( bri) and the words de Gascons et provide anagrams for cages onset ( e Gaſc - ons et). There are also anagram for gripes a cure ( riges p -a - r ceu) found in the first line and this identifies an ailment affecting the digestive tract of humans. Together with other anagrams in that line it beomes apparent that Nostradamus is describing a person who searches for a cure for their clients ( Les Nict) within the ambit of alternative medicine.

There are however a set of anagrams that place this verse squarely in the 20th century. These include Hitler ( hir le te), obscenest ( ſcons et Be), Northsea ( oſne Trah), juntas ( ant juſ) and the combination of all these anagrams becomes the tale of the experimentation by the Nazi's on the prisoners in their war camps.

There is also an anagram for Atropus ( t au proſ), the goddess that guided man's fate in death. This tale then gives sense to the text and justifies its inclusion into the stream of Prophecies about reshaping the world through imposed genetic change.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:
clients notices lines silent orbit pages reduces gripes expired cloistering sclerotin rib
Les Nictobriges par ceux de Perigort

junta wakes Ossene tenants neuroses Seanate arouse North Sea arsenous events
Seront vexez tenant juſques au Roſne

recessional dioceses gas cages obscenest beget organless geodesics
L'aſſocie de Gaſcons et Begorne

Hitler berates streets entreats Atropus earthlier epithermal repel Tehran
Trahir le temple le prebſtre eſtant au proſne
# Atropos was the oldest of the Three Fates, and was known as the "inflexible" or "inevitable." It was Atropos who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of each mortal by cutting their thread with her "abhorred shears."
gripe: gastric or intestinal pain; colic.
The Nictobriges by those of Perigort
Will be vexed, holding as far as the Rhone
The union of Gascons and Bigorre
To betray the temple, the priest giving his sermon
Les Nictobriges par ceux de Perigort
Seront vexez tenant juſques au Roſne
L'aſſocie de Gaſcons et Begorne
Trahir le temple le prebſtre eſtant au proſne
L1: <~griPe pages reducex rib scLerotiN rot ~><i rob iNsect cure expired pages><~pages reducex Per orbit cLoisteriNg~><~pages i rob reducex cLieNts griPe rot~>exPired sectioN siLent

L2: <noRSe juntaS tenze vet uuaqes norSe><overtenSe zex juntaS zent><norSe vet arRSenous zext><aRouse SenSe><oSSene uRsae><RouSseau Seen>

L3: <oBScenest aGe die organLeSS><LearnS So geBo notes caGeS><~aS a Longer Geodesic oBScenest~><geBo set receSSional decaGons~><orLeanS dioceSe Beget son>

L4: <Tehran entreatS atropuS Serb><hitler aunt reState Serb arT perSon><reState aunt beSt perSon repel earThlier l-m-p><hitler TreaSon><earThlier Son><portuneS beSt repel at eaStern temple> neateSt StreetS IronhearTS norThSea epiThermal
1: cloistering, recessional, epithermal, geodesics, obscenest, organless, overtense, dioceses, expired, begot,
2: earthlier, diocese, juntas, beget,
3: Hitler, begets, orbit, jaunt / junta,
4: Ironhearts, sclerotin, decagons, etherial, Gebo,
5: anothers / Northsea, ventrose, Rousseau, Tehran, cages,
6: neatest,
7: arsenous, rigor,
8: streets, Ossene,
9: just,
10: neuroses,
11: jut,
12: portunes, Atropus, gripe,
13: notices / section,
14: clients, longer, pages,
15: entreats, uuears / suuear / uuares,
16: arouses, uuaqes,
17: -
18: tenant, excur, earth / heart, Thera, beset,
19: reducex,
20: -
21: -
22: capers / pacers / scrape, Orlean,
23: Senate.

Hitler, obscenest, Northsea, juntas, beget, dioceses, cloistering, overtense, expired, begot, etherial, orbit, Tehran, recessional, neatest, streets arsenous, rigor, Ossene, neuroses, notices, clients, sclerotin rib, cages, longer, gripe, arouses, heart, wakes, organless, tenant, entreats, Orlean, Senate, reduces, Atropus, earthlier, epithermal, geodesics, pages.


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