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Nostradamus C4 Q77: The religious nature of a party that quarrels over oil rights.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 77 Christian King of World evening Eucharisto prayers heretics mourned SaviorThe anagrams of this verse confirm that the religious theme within the text provides the verses key structure. There are for example anagrams, for olden Edessa Eucharisto [Thanksgiving] prayers (res pyra - tes auoir ch- aſſe de - l'onde), christened (chreſtien d), choir (oir ch) and Koran (onarq) these are amplified by terms such as united modern evenings (tien-du -monde R- egnes vnis) and liquer (r que l'I). And the tale from the anagrams reflects the tone of the text for it suggests that a pious group of heretics  (chreſtie) seek to kerb the activities of modern genes (R monde - egens ) party (pyrat) in which oilmen's evil rank (SELIN mo- n arq -ue l'I) has great impact.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Roman quartile lines nonrealism sequel it pacify oilmen liquefies liquer
2. Heretics united modern genes hysteric versions christened mourned
3. A word re-encouch rebels reenter terrible-mosque
4. Eucharisto prayers  Edessa party chases olden papers Sauior seeds
Selin monarch Italy peaceful,
Realms united by Christian King of World:
Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
After having chased the pirates from the sea.
SELIN monarque l'Italie pacifique
Regnes vnis Roy chreſtien du monde
Mourant voudra coucher en terre bleſique
Apres pyrates auoir chaſſe de l'onde.
  1. <roman LINES equalIt(y/') lie>< It equ(a/')l NonrEaLISm><if capitali(s/')e IN roman SEqueL><qoran LINES equifi euIl><roman liquer><LImoNEneS / oILmENS quar'el equifi>

  2. <evenings chyor resident><hyStEric veRsions> <mourned chriStened ><united modern gene><nonRegRessive hySteric demon><Revenges yoR sin><chriSt-endure> <demon genRes yo-vr sin><~heretics mound engendeRs yovR-sin~> richeSt reSident deStine theirS Reneged

  3. <quatrein-MoveS a vuord ><requireS-treble-aMount re-encouch (reset) a vuord><rebelS enter>

  4.  <usa choir rate edeSSa olden pApers><chaSeS prayers sauior set> <Seed as euchariSto (Thanksgiving) prayers><olden prayers set Ape Seeds><headleSS Ape don prayers staue><olden Ape pyres>
1: nonregressive, Eucharisto, christened, nonrealism, re-encouch, hysteric,
2: versions, evenings, mourned, liquefies, revenges, couch,
3: requital, engenders, prayers,
4: heretics, espy,
5: Limonenes, 
6: choir, belies,
7: engender, oilmen,
8: mouuer, theirs, repays, crash, prays,
9: shades, oiseau,
10: richest, modern,  party, reneges,
11: inserted, liquer,
12: Norman, Draco, rebels,
13: coy,
14: destine,
15: united, Sauior,
16: liquate, redone, spry,
17: respy / preys / pyres,
18: -
19: Astrea, Edessa,
20: mound, vuord,
21: chasers / crashes, reneged
22: Quoran, Seliuq, chair, Qoran, rebel,
23: here.

nonregressive, evenings, Eucharisto, quartile, prayers, versions, engenders, nonrealism, christened, liquer, liquefies, yovr-sin, re-encouch, hysteric, revenges, heretics, mourned, Limonenes, choir, prays, richest, oilmen, modern, party, crash, Norman, Draco, rebels, engender, Savior, pyres, Edessa, tenant, Koran, resident, here, excur, earth, mound.

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