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Nostradamus C4 Q78: Guerillas disrupt the distribution of deadly pellets in Europe.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 78  Europe powered Persia espousal of vials and pellets to enfume future menThe story of Hitler's death camps is the focus of  C4 Q76 and this one continues the WWII theme with the story in the text of this verse being that of the partisan movements that resisted the German occupation of European lands while the anagrams treat that same theme as a metaphor for future events.

The old name for Azotus (z tous a) the largest port in Israel is also found as an anagram in C4 Q63 where a similar story of resistance is told. The particular twist in the current verse is a reference to persons thwarting the distribution of poison pellets ( lle Sept) and vials ( s la vi) used for killing the population.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Evil guerilla meandered renamed Graal a genic plague
2. Europe pouuered agent induce alertness remap part Maltese uurote
3.  Seville direst vandal patents vials enfume lands future-men sleep
4. Persias generalists asserting paganisers preassign Azotus pellets
# Azotus: Older name for largest seaport in Israel.
The great army of the civil struggle,
By night Parma to the foreign one discovered,
Seventy-nine murdered in the town,
The foreigners all put to the sword.
La grand armee de la pugne ciuile
Pour de nuict Parme a l'eſtrange trouuee
Septante neuf meurtris dedans la ville
Les eſtrangiers paſſez tous a l'eſpee.
L1: <~paul meandered euil genic graal~><dreamed euil plague garland nice (Nice)><~nice (Nice) renamed a guerilla d'plague~><and Large ciuil arm>

L2: <agent alterS rouu euroPe Picture-named~><male Part Pouuered Strange route><~Strange male uurote Pact ruined euroPe~><uncited taleS uurote Europe remaP~><nogaret arm relateS><malteSe part induce euroPe range>

L3: <feuuer-men Stir Seville dead patentS><direst vandals See ill femur patent><~patent See villa lands sired futuremen~><elSe vial patent truer fume rides lands><uneaten pelletS vials fume sadden>

L4: <eLse perSias Strange zeSt pleaSe><~eLse eSz star preaSSign usa to Sleep~><sLeep Seals perSiaS greatneSs><See arresting Sleep paSSez to usa><paganiSers eSpousal reSets zeSt><repaSSes generaLiSts><aSserting /angrieSt spearS zeSt eSpousal>aLertneSs
1: vandals, plagued, villaless, futuremen, preassigns
2: generalists, asserting,
3: Seville, meandered, Azotus, pouuered, ciuil, espousal, passez,
4: paganisers, vials, pellets,
5: guerilla, radarmen, dreamed, Maltese, uneaten,
6: -
7: arresting, plague,
8: patents, neaten,
9: alertness, ellipse,
10: angriest, patent, Aeolus,
11: angrier, rating, direst, sided, fume,
12: -
13: tamper,
14: Nogaret, paled, redeem, zest,
15: legal,
16: -
17: greatness, saddens, elapses / pleases, resign / reigns / singer,
18: repasses, tenant, Eddas,
19: Persias / praises / Serapis, renamed, elapse / please, uueep,
20: strangle,
21: -
22: granite, Armand, Europe, passes.
23: -

generalists, preassigns, villaless, vandals, plagued, fewer-men, asserting, paganisers meandered, Seville, guerilla, powered, civil, espousal, Azotus, anvils, passes, fumer, vials, uneaten, pellets, plague, radarmen, Maltese, alertness, dreamed, patents, tamper, arresting, angriest, direst, fume, Nogaret, zest, redeem, Persias, legal, greatness, pleases, Europe, Eddan villas, tenant, weep.


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