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Nostradamus C4 Q79: French people seek refuge in high country late in this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has strong connections to C4 Q80 with both being about the impact of great floods during the time of a Sufi invasion of France.

The towns and regions of Monheurt, Mas and Aiguillon mentioned in the first line of text of this verse all lie within walking distance of Agen where Nostradamus lived in the 1530's. The verse is able to be readily intrepreted when the images of the great flood and the expansion of Sufism Nostradamus placed throughout his work are applied to this verse.

At some time in the near future those of the Royal blood line (but not necessarily kings or queens) will seek shelter in the higher lands around Agen. They will do so because people will be compelled to move en masse from their homelands but in the heights of the Pyrennees around Navarre and Bigorre there will be pockets where true shelter can be obtained.

The anagrams of this verse provide complementary detail of these migrations and have an implication that the French people will turn away from logic towards messages hidden in the Bible. This happens despite the fact that the extremely loose methods they employ can produce any result their leaders desire and as has happened so often in the past one such aim is personal control through revolution.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Al Sufi Simon temurahs guile Salon organs infamously lay Organons allusion
Sang Royal fuis Monhurt Mas Eguillon

simpler Norse debt redouble redemptionless soldier less slander obtruded
Remplis ſeront de Bourdelois les landes

Salon bravery poorer orgy  potencies sec
[r]et section  Berry sect guillot[i]nes
Navarre Bygorre poinctes et eguillons

proof ends fed dozen aim remov
[e] deliveror order el-Gedi gland respond
Profondz de faim vorer de liege glandes
# Organon: name of Aristotles published works on logic.
Temurah: the substitutional coding system employed in the Kabbalah as one of three techniques for interpreting the Bible.
# Berry: a family name commonly found in the Bourbon, Angouleme royal lineage from the 16th century on.
Blood Royal flee, Monheurt, Mas, Aiguillon,
The Landes will be filled by Bordelais,
Navarre, Bigorre points and spurs,
Deep in hunger to devour acorns of the cork oak
Sang Royal fuis Monhurt Mas Eguillon
Remplis ſeront de Bourdelois les landes
Navarre Bygorre poinctes et eguillons
Profondz de faim vorer de liege glandes
L1: <infaMously tEMurahs /(saMe hurt / Ruth ) ill oRganS><sufi lay oRganonS ill usagE><foRlay Sang on Murats ligulEs / gulliEs><alsufi goRy><MageS / gaMeS alluSion><Nolans guilEs> MastEr / strEaM Sulliage MatureS

L2: <~seeR redemptionlesS lands Boulder soil~><norSe simple oilless slandeRs obtruded><danes sell simpleR norSe soldier deBt><oilless land Reimpels NorSe debt-s><noted oils redouBle><on deBt riSes>louder older

L3: <~roger Nolans guile set nepotic Bravery~><Nolans braver guile gory / orgy receptions><By roger potencies rare vaN outselling><roger Berry> <roger get ill son By Navarrre potencies><poorer insect>section

L4: <liege dangles Proof><aim overland egg relied ><liege angled Prose fond variformed zed>order resPond / Ponders
1: Temurahs, infamously, outselling, Organons, variformed, redoubted, deliveror, obtruded, bravery, fazed, Berry,
2: redemptionless, portliness, potencies, allusion, landless, poorer,
3: sulliage, redouble, boulder, ligules / gullies, oilless, allness, Alsufi,
4: soldier, forlay, Roger, Ruth, 
5: reception(s), reception, slanders,
6: braver, Marut / Murat,
7: nepotic, doubter/ obtrude / redoubt, simpler, Nolans (2x),
8: guiles, games, egg,
9: matures,
10: ponders / respond,
11: -
12: oiled, gory / orgy (2x), sells,
13: notices / section, Isolde, organs, Guise,
14: impels / simple, order,
15: Sufi,
16: sperm, over,
17: relied,
18: spend, mates / teams,
19: guile (2x), liege,
20: proof, debt, mast,
21: vans,
22: encites, master / stream.
23: -

Temurahs, infamously, outselling, Organons, variformed, deliveror, Alsufi, soldier, forlay, Berry, bravery, fazed, redemptionless, allusion, poorer, landless, redouble, sulliage, gullies, boulder, Roger, slanders, hurt, braver, Murat, nepotic, reception, Nolans, guiles, games, respond, simple, order, portliness, obtruded, orgy, potencies, egg, matures, sells, organ, encites, proofs, sperm, stream, section, Sufi, over, relied.


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