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Nostradamus C4 Q80: Extremism in France at the time of great Disasters.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 80 Great ditch dug bringing 15 canals to divide the city makimg it easy to take in a conflict.This verse has strong connections to C4 Q79 with both being about the impact of great floods during the time of a Sufi invasion of France. There are names and reference points such as Patroclus ( lus part co), Uppsala ( la plus pa) and peratic letter ( ettre L- a cite pr) that hold interpretations of cosmology from a pagan perspective. It is this that indicates that the Sufi invaders actions in France are ideologically inspired and devoid of scientific reason. The anagrams that indicate that the verse also relates to the end of this century include celestial-pole ( colliſe ET la p), nucleolar (rne au col), particle ( La cite pr) and  CERN ( cern).  This use is supported by the text of the last two lines where there is a reference to a greater part of a conflict being put into a collision which alludes to that which we know happens in the Hadron collider.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Peers guard DNA  drugs dangerful DNA of steers deforesters regrets
2. Perzians repass Queen quin release
3. Cartel enfuse unsafe particle replicate conflicts letter scaring recipients 
4. Uppsala celestial-pole Pauls captors reconnect nucleolar parts

# peratic: Gnostic Christians whose cosmology incorporates influence of  stars.
Uppsala: Place in Sweden where early manuscripts of the Prose Edda were found- this document covers the cosmology and writing practices of the ancient Nordic people.

This story ties in with that of the following verses (See C1 Q95 , C4 Q88)

Near great river great ditch earth drawn out
In fifteen parts will the water be divided
The city taken fire blood cries put into conflict,
And the greatest part involving the coliseum.
Pres du grand fleuue grand foſſe terre egeſte
En quinze pars ſera l'eau diuisee
La cite prinſe feu ſang cris conflict mettre
Et la plus part concerne au colliſee,
L1: <~unargued dangerful geese PeSter foreSterS~><and reSetS danger of PreSet drugs fleuu><grand fortreSSed guards PreSet unfueled><unargued geeSe reforeStS><uuagner deforeStS>

L2: <perzian quEen reSeals IS uuadi>Equine

L3: <inferS repLicate conflict scaring uS><usa refineS repLicate><Latter recipientS unSafe><inferS particLe recauSing conflicts><priStine cLatter> reinFuSes

L4: <uppsalr talE See ill reconnect><uppsala lieS nucleolar (crucial cell part) concert><paul let captors sEe cern><pallEt conspurcate (pollute) nuclear-Soil><lEt See ill cauern parts concern paul> patroclus
1: celestial-pole, surceasing, Patroclus, reconnect, reinfuses, Perzians,
2: fortressed, nucleolar, deforests, scaring,
3: concern, reinfuse, racing, uuadi, 
4: unfueled, pallet, refines, geese, clatter,
5: captors, clatter, sparez,
6: conflicts, dangerful, particle, concert, infers, drugs,
7: recipients, reforests, unargued, pristine, UUagner,
8: guards, latter / rattle,
9: replicate, Croat / actor,
10: -
11: Uppsala, 
12: article / recital,
13: restores, equine,
14: unsafe, enfuse,
15: cartel / claret,
16: Uppsalr, preinset,
17: fled, gets,
18: -
19: peratic,
20: -
21: petal / plate, greuu, Queen,
22: conflict, UUager, ills,
23: apez.

celestial-pole, reconnect, surceasing, Patroclus, reinfuses, fortressed, Persians, scaring, captors, concern, nucleolar, sparez, wadi, conflicts, dangerful, particle, deforests, pristine, petal, Uppsala, article, infers, drugs, recipients, reforests, guards, clatter, replicate, actor, restores, unsafe, equine, cartel, Uppsalr, preinset, peratic, ills, apes, fled, Queen, conflict, grew.


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