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Nostradamus C4 Q81: Religious refugees in the mountains come under attack.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 81  In Pont-a-Celles Belgium the modern d'Estrees line resorts to living in trenchesIn 1598 at Nantes King Henry IV set out an edict granting some rights and freedoms to the Waldensians, a sect believing in apostolic poverty, but at Easter / Paques in 1565 the Waldensians were massacred by troops embedded in their homes under orders from the Duke of Savoy.

Earlier in the year they had been compelled by the Duke to sell their lands and move to the mountains from whence they came. Their slaughter was so horrific that it brought about a change in surrounding countries where the survivors were then offered shelter. This tale would have been of interest to Nostradamus since it related to the religious turmoils that had started in his day and continued after his death but it would also have been of interest as an allusion for events he foresaw happening 500 years and more after his Prophecies were written. In that context it has consistencies with other of his stories where in the exodus of the populace to higher ground they come under attack from religious extremists.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Cadent cell not fear Pont-a-Celles profane afternoon emportment
2. Pleasures pass real demurrage underaged guard equip Paques
3. Danes redoubling landless pardons curbed cell proof  Nord not foresend
4. Hence d'Estrees uurote apes desperateness pick pasture trenches trespassed
# d'Estrees: Gabrielle d'Estrees, a Catholic was one of Henry IV mistresses and influenced the critcial change from his Protestant birthright. She was constantly seen with him and accompanied him when we went to war. She bore several children by him and their offspring therefore form part of the Bourbon lineage.
# Paques: French term for Easter.

This verse contains material related to that in the four verses that precede it in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Promptly will one build a bridge of boats,
To pass the army of the great Belgian Prince
Poured forth inside and not far from Brussels,
Passed beyond, seven cut up by pike.
Pont on fera promptement de nacelles
Paſſer l'armee du grand prince Belgique
Dans profondres et non loing de Brucelles
Outre paſſes detrenches ſept a picque.
L1: <profane emportment Poles / sloPe not cleaned><afternoon men enacted prompt sPell ><fear on lePtons><a cell tempo dement raper><dane often oPens cell>

L2: <ungraded Bilge realm prince rePaSS><underaged prince equiP laSerS arm><demurrage PleaSureS>drug and prince><emerald SPearS>guard

L3: <~proof resend / sender cell redouBling sanD tonnes~><foresend parDons><Danes cell rend proof no oil sent><fond parDons resent noodling>endorse cruel desert curbed

L4: <hence desert paStureS peStS><~seed trenches picq a rOute peSt paSS~><<picq ouue centre sheeps treSpaSsed at~><deSperateneSs Sees apt picq uurOte><~hence StreSsed ape pick a peSts route~><deStreeS paSteur>
1: Pont-a-Celles, desperateness, redoubling, curbed,
2: demurrage, landless, trenches, afternoon, uuocqe,
3: trespassed, curb,
4: stressed,
5: emportment, profane, centred,
6: underaged, foresend, pastures,
7: cleaned, enacted, d'Estrees (2x), fonder, Edessas,
8: leptons, pauses,
9: Pasque / Paques, 
10: noodling, pardons, dessert,
11: pleasures, prompt, trench, frond, steeds,
12: -
13: nonoil, often,
14: resented, emerald,
15: underage, entones,
16: endorse,
17: argued,
18: repasses, pasture / Pasteur, steered,
19: -
20: proof,
21: centre / center / recent,
22: passes,
23: doing, quic, hence.

desperateness, redoubling, demurrage, curbed, emportment, landless, trenches, stressed, Paques,afternoon, underaged, woke, profane, d'Estrees, pleasures, trespassed, foresend, steeds, prompt, pardons, pastures, cleaned, argued, emerald, often, resented, underage, hence, endorse, Edessas, leptons, enacted, pauses, steered, recent, proof.

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