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Nostradamus C4 Q83: The valiant captain who tries to prevent loss of life.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q41 Sons besiege father in a prolife campaign that sees progenesis as the way to a proper life free from venerial diseaseI have included two verses in this page since they are the only two in which Nostradamus uses the term ' valiant captain' and their anagrams perform quite unexpected echoing of the text of the alternate verse. I show the anagram analysis of each and give a frequency table showing the rarity of the keys. The anagrams of the second line of C4 Q92 distinctly says no adversaries unseated ( e deuant ſ - on - aduerſaire S) which reflects the message in the second line of C4 Q83 which says ' conquered will flee, few people conquered'. Inversely the first line of C4 Q83 has an anagram for ultra-violence ( octurne le vai) while the first line of C4 Q92 says ' The head of the valiant captain cut off'.

Combat by night the valiant captain
Conquered will flee few people conquered:
His people stirred up, sedition not in vain,
His own son will hold him besieged.

The head of the valiant captain cut off,
It will be thrown before his adversary:
His body hung on the sail-yard of the ship,
Confused it will flee by oars against the wind.

There can be little doubt these verses are meant to be linked by a single event. Nor can there be any question that the naval leader is brutally killed after an unsuccessful campaign in order to provide a horrific portent for those who oppose the winners. The visible text provides little guidance as to the time, place and identity of this event and its leader however the anagrams imply that it is not a physical battle but one of ideas. In this context the ship mentioned in the text represents a covenant agreed to by religious institutions. The anagrams when assessed as a whole suggest that there is an increased opposition to human gene variants such as progenesis (retention of juvenile appearance) and it is for such a heritage that the valiant captain is beheaded.

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

1. Ultraviolence anticipant combine in vacillant baton
2. Cauvin [Calvin] fury pray ape genes prolif(e) vigilance
3. Naive idiot notion son pulse editions opens muses innovations
4. Asias profile retained proper life as progenesis progenies
Combat by night the valiant captain
Conquered will flee few people conquered:
His people stirred up, sedition not in vain,
His own son will hold him besieged.

Combat nocturne le vaillant capitaine
Vaincu fuyra peu de gens proflige
Son peuple ſsmeu ſedition non vaine
Son propre filz le tiendra aſſiege.
L1: <Combine count at latin-capital><anticipant recount/ recount all Come alive><anticipate leave an ill turn><aConite ultra-violence captain><vacillant antiCipate><a elven court Combine><court leaven captain ill aconite>captain counter all alive>

L2: <f'uu repay Vigilance><pray due gene profiles><cauVin ape fury unedge><naiVe person glif>

L3: <uSe nondeviation in meSs><Seems penSion innovation uSed><non-evaSion Seems ion dutieS><openS up non naive editionS><Seems idiot uSe><pen edit nonevaSion ion pulSes uSe>

L4: <lz retained aS progeneSiS profile><progenieS arASS profile enlizted><tellZ perSon profile><fillz proper><elitez life><prognoSe eliez pilfer><aSiaS entried prop refillz><prognoSe prefillZ retained aS Is><prolife perSon letz AsiAs diner><profer retained illZ>rifle
1: ultraviolence, progenesis, nondeviation, innovation, nonevasion,  enlizted, tellz,
2: anticipant, anticipate, vigilance, unpeople(s), progenies, Levaniel, venerial, profile, pension, evasion,
3: vacillant, prognose, captain, pilfer, fury, Vega,
4: alleviant, muses, leave, elitez, proper, edition,
5: -
6: combine, profer, ,
7: editions,
8: aconite, idiot, give, goes,
9: -,
10: Arass,
11: unedge, repay, rifle,
12: Cauvin,
13: Vienna, count,
14: court, gilf,
15: duties, suited, sieges, foil,
16: -,
17: combat,
18: -
19: atomb, elven,
20: Asias,
21: -
22: -

progenesis, innovation, enlisted, anticipant, tells, ultraviolence, anticipate, non-deviation, non-evasion, vigilance, Levaniel, unpeoples, progenies, profile, pension, evasion, prognose, vacillant, captain, pilfer, Vega, fury, alleviant, elitez, proper, edition, combine, leave, idiot, profer, give, aconite, Asias, muses, lifez, goes.

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