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Nostradamus C4 Q85: The loyal barytone whose act of arson affects the royal line.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 85 White coal chased out by the black taken prisoner in a dung cart where the twisted foot of the young falcon is noted  This verse has strong links to C4 Q93 since both contain references to constellations in the same part of the sky. In this verse the text talks of a Moor Camel with twisted feet which aptly describes the historical picture of the camel that AlSufi placed between Andromeda and Cassiopiae. The current verse has an anagram for the constellation of Heracles ( ſe Le char) a sign that borders Aquila which gives meaning to the the hobby falcon found in the text of the fourth line. There is also a name within the anagrams for the brightest star in Pisces called Alrescha ( aſſe Le char) with this constellation bordering Andromeda. And there is also an anagram for Aschera ( era chaſ) an asteroid containing enstatite which links this verse to C4 Q92 where that substance is part of its anagrams. This verse is then linked by all these reference to the story of an ill advised future attempt to mine asteroids

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Heracles Aschera Alreschas bachelor clan undo Archaeornis senior baron
2. Pau prison financier inner artifice infernos ember in Beaumont tomb
3. Presidents swap eternalized seals each amuse Rome
4. Perilous lines iller illness beuuare alla'uueber repulsions
# archaeornis: an extinct primitive Jurassic bird
Aschera: is the name given to an E-type main belt asteroid.
Alrescha: Brightest star in pisces a constellation that borders Andromeda.
White coal chased by the black one,
Made prisoner led to the dung cart,
Moor Camel on twisted feet,
Then younger one blinds hobby falcon.
Le charbon blanc du noir sera chaſſe
Priſonnier faicte mene au tombereau
More Chameau ſus piedz entrelaſſez
Lors le puiſne ſillera l'aubereau.
L1: <bacheLor search SeaS> <heracLeS aSchera iron duc><chaser SealS no breach> < carries on haSSLe> <iron duc aschera cheSSel baron><abhor ScaLeS iron duc search><archaeornis (extinct primitive bird) a cheSSeL duc born><aLreScha'S (Alpha Piscium) senior arch>

L2: <beaumont meet financier> <uPraiSe / PiraeuS inferno> <non artifice / actifier uPraiSe> <cement afire> <aueber finer PriSon>

L3: <roMez alertneSS zpied eaCh upside amuSe><Suuaps eternalized> <uS prezident SealS><rezident Suuap>

L4: <alauueber real perilouS illness> <repuLSion lies> <alauueber ill era rolls><or aLlauueber era illnesS pulSe>
1: Archaeornis, eternalized, presidentz, Allauueber, Beaumont, molassez, eternized, uuearable,
2: Alreschas, bachelor, rezident,
3: repulsions, artifice / actifier, perilous, Aluueber, inferno, illness, carries, massez,
4: financier, infernos, archers, uuisps, breach, abrech, beuuare / auueber, ezpied, abhor,
5: enterz,
6: Chessel, hassle, needz,
7: clashes,
8: rosarie, inner, endz, zend,
9: alertness, Chelsea, rolls, ember,
10: upside, cement, 
11: Heracles,
12: Aschera,
13: aueber (zx), auus,
14: prison, supine, amuse,
15: Horace,
16: Piraeus / upraise,
17: eternal,
18: aural / Laura,
19: infer / finer,
20: spied,
21: baron,
22: Rachel, ills.

Beaumont, bachelor, presidentz, eternalized, Archaeornis, rezident, Allaweber, abhor, artifice, repulsions, perilous, inferno, wisps, carries, massez, illness, beware, financier, breach, AWeber, espied, inner, ember, enters, clashes, needs, alertness, cement, Heracles, Aschera, Alreschas, supine, prison, amuse.


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