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Nostradamus C4 Q89: The torrent that wrecks Europe and brings out the worst in mankind.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse and its anagrams detail the manner in which mankind's self destruction shows itself from the end of this century onwards. It begins with a European problem but spreads to involve, torrents and plots that harm much of the populace. The key anagrams framing this tragedy are eurocentric torrent ( ecret coniur - eront Tr ), faulty rotten ( teront -Luy fat), fatality ( y fatalit), fortunately ( eront Luy fat) god-use fatal mortal site (fatal- ites - la mort -degouſ). These themes are related to that in the four verses that precede it in these Prophecies.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

concrete ruin eurocentric torrent olden creeds secrets entered second-resurrection
Trente de Londres ſecret coniureront

printers enter conspire electron ruler surely sorry rule repulsory 
Contre leur Roy ſur le pont L'entreprinſe

fortunately fatality mortals mortalise rotten faulty god-use
Luy fatalites la mort degouſteront

yes self fuel bolden anointed envoyer defiant rise
Vn Roy eſfleu blonde natif de Frize
Thirty of London will conspire secretly
Against their King, the enterprise on the bridge:
He and his satellites will have a distaste for death
A fair King elected, native of Frisia.
Trente de Londres ſecret coniureront
Contre leur Roy ſur le pont L'entreprinſe
Luy fatalites la mort degouſteront
Vn Roy eſfleu blonde natif de Frize
L1: <eurocentric toRrent><roTten ruin enTer oLden dreSs concrete> <Torrent led Second-resurrection><red icon enter oLden Secrets><oLden Screeds enter>endorSes

L2: <printer ConSent><pole Rule youRS><ConSpire enter><SoRry rule enpLot><CronieS repent><oR Surely rule ereCtions>><Ruler Sourly enplot><RepulSory rule not relent><printerS rue Lent eleCtron>

L3: <attila morales><fortunateLy ouSt><~or goudeS (near Marseille) metals fauLty tail rotten~><goudeS mortals fauLty rotten><males fatality><routeS not fauLty> mortalise morals

L4: <Self anointed blue diFferz><defiant olden blue><Vizer Fed faint olden blue><RenVoys (Fr send back) fuel><faint fuelS nobled>
1: second-resurrection, fortunately, eurocentric, repulsory, fatality, differz, faulty,
2: Fauntleroy, sourly, Attila,
3: definant, tariffed, conspire, concrete, screeds, differ, foyers, vizer, fatal,
4: anointed, endorses, sorry,
5: ruction, renvoys, nobled, morals, secrets,
6: concert, 
7: fay,
8: mortalise, defiant, cronies, surely, 
9: mortals, conines, yours,
10: printers, Salome,
11: fired,
12: enplot, metals,
13: -
14: -
15: printer / reprint,
16: -,
17: Princes, torrent, detain,
18: moral, fuels,
19: -
20: consent, feels / flees,
21: ruler,
22: mortal, faint,
23: electrons.

fortunately, second-resurrection, eurocentric, fatality, conspire, faulty, concrete, tariffed, differs, repulsory, screeds, sourly, anointed, endorses, Attila, sorry, morals, secrets, mortalise, defiant, cronies, surely, mortals, enplot, printers, metals, princes, detain, fuels, consent, mortal, torrent, ruler, feels, faint, electrons.

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