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Nostradamus C4 Q90: Miners are trapped in space as armies besiege their earthly bases.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

When using the method of anagrams Nostradamus' Prophecies are transformed from isolated flashes of insight into verse sequences that build continuous stories. In this verse thare are many anagrams that tie this verse to others around it which deal with the mining of mineral ( er Milan) ores from asteroids in space. But there are minerals that are forbidden for them to mine especially ones that offer nuclear possibilities. From the text and the anagrams there is a tone of distance, isolation and disease that leave these pioneers stranded in space.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 excused copio[u]s swarms join proneutron elders use
Les deux copies aux murs ne pourront joindre

DNA scantiness incessant treatm[e]nts mi[s]erable indicant terminal distances
Dans ceſt inſtant trembler Milan Ticin

fear aim so if doubt ancestry Sefirot delivers preordained vaporised infectors Dnipro adviser incubates
Faim ſoif doubtance ſi fort les viedra poindre

China pariah in inane universe runa not below Venus nebulous Kin
Chair pain ne viures n'auront vn ſeul boucin
The two armies will be unable to unite at the wall
In that instant Milan and Pavia to tremble
Hunger, thirst, doubt will come to plague them very greatly
They will not have a single morsel of meat, bread
Les deux copies aux murs ne pourront joindre
Dans ceſt inſtant trembler Milan Ticin
Faim ſoif doubtance ſi fort les viedra poindre
Chair pain ne viures n'auront vn ſeul boucin
L1: <join proneutron red excLudes><uraniums-x-pouuers><Slender / lenderS joint uxed uxa copies><opens suuarmx><excused poise uuarmnesx pour>

L2: <~tremblant TerMinal inceStS / inSectS inDicanTs><InDicanT Mineral><~ScantieSt inDicanTs Miller tremblant~><ScantineSs treatmnt><in DisTances><inceSSant Diactin (medicine)><instantS ascenD in Miller anTic><aScentS>Sects DeSSicant

L3: <So if doubt vilest aim for fianceS preordained><Sefirot delivers><reflectionS about a vaporised friend><adviser let a forenSic doubt> <incubateS for vilest raindrop><infectorS evils><loftier S-ubstance dnipro varied><fornicateS evilest><Since for about levites>

L4: <universe runa not nebulouS v><no elbouu ventS ansuuer vein pain><belouu Chaucin pair>
1: preordained, scantiness, vaporised, infectors, indicant, nebulous, raindrop, forensic, delivers, belouu / elbouu,
2: reflections, incubates, incessant, adviser, Dnipro, ansuuer, drives,
3: proneutron, frunastone, cabinets, nastiest, readvise, scanned, devise, prunes,
4: dessicant, distances, terminal, fiances, pariah, about,
5: scantiest, universe, evilest / levites, ascends, miller, joint, friend, varied,
6: tremblant, preordain, unreason, loftier,
7: fornicates, excludes, diactin, instant, ascents, copies, vilest, doubt,
8: Serafim, jnto, sects,
9: -
10: -
11: mineral, lenders, slender, vents, jot,
12: forties / Sefirot,
13: Vienna,
14: runas, inane, abut,
15: paired,
16: ascend / dances / decans, repour, join,
17: Iosef,
18: excused, but,
19: bout,
20: china / chain, blues,
21: taints, lender,
22: chair.
23: -

scantiness, preordained, vaporised, infectors, nebulous, raindrop, indicant, delivers, forensic, reflections, below, incessant, Dnipro, cabinets, adviser, answer, distances, drives, proneutron, pariah, incubates, nastiest, dessicant, readvise, terminal, scanned, universe, evilest, miller, ascends, joint, friend, preordain, tremblant, unreason, loftier, doubt, sects, varied, mineral, lenders, excludes, Vienna.


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