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Nostradamus C4 Q91: The battle by religious leaders to suppress the march of science.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are reasons in the text and hidden anagrams of this verse to believe it is about the physical and theoretical wars that will occur in this century. Within this context the perpetual prison is ideology and the wrongly accused are those judged to stand outside its bounds. It is a tale of the fight over new ideas based on astronomy and evolution that brings out religious theocrats who challenge those that threaten their ancient beliefs.

The key words behind these conclusions are theocrats reason (ort taſche - era Son), refashion tracts (rt taſc - hera Son fi), generalise amount ( ils regner a - vant mo), Copernicus's rotate (e Tort a - ccuſe priſon).There are also creator (e Tort ac), creations (ise contra) and Epperson (ſon perpe) contributing to the religious nature of this battle. The anagram for Epperson is fully in keeping with this story for it is the name of a teacher who took a creationist inspired legislature to court over laws stating that to teach evolution in any Arkansas school might lead to a criminal conviction. Finally the last line of visible text and its anagrams can be interpreted as a failed attempt by a modern sect to resurrect the line of Jesus through world-wide war.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

walled cag[e] Louisa colonies notices creation antic batter awed
Au duc Gauloise contrainct battre au duelle

cholera enflame [a]llele omen Enoch era repproach
La nef Mellele monech n'approchera

Copernicus's repercussion prisoner person Peter Epperson creator level
Tort accuſe priſon perpetuelle

Navare ancestor gene reason theocrats refashion genera fil[l]s amount Aschera tracts engrave
Son fils regner avant mort taſchera.

# Aschera: is the name given to an E-type main belt asteroid.
For the Gallic Duke compelled to fight in the duel
The ship of Melilla will not approach Monaco,
Wrongly accused, perpetual prison,
His son will strive to reign before his death.
Au duc Gauloise contrainct battre au duelle
La nef Mellele monech n'approchera
Tort accuſe priſon perpetuelle
Son fils regner avant mort taſchera.
L1: <clAuued duel euloGias (blessing)><treat bactrian (anc Iranian) uualled section><oil containers><creation batter a uualled section><ancestor oil><colonies train>louise relocations uuatered

L2: <heracLean / racheL prop> <enfLaMe reapproach ><enfLaMe once choLera happ'n>hear enoch reproach

L3: <roTate CopernicuS'S><perSon actor pic-tures><percuSSion actor / croat repute Tell><i pre-accurSt epperSon(Arkansas evolution curriculum)><proSerpine accurSt>

L4: <refaShion tractS><reaSon lif(e) generalise amovnt chatterS><theocratS reaSon><engravers><Start Search on graven fl(i/y)ers><Son reach Start> <caSt hearS no rifles>aSchera
1: Copernicus's, relocations, refashion, uualled, amovnt, 
2: percussion, theocrats, anchoress, colonies, Heraclean, chatters, enflame, tracts, Navare,
3: approacher / reapproach, Proserpine, bactrian,
4: containers, Epperson, engraver, uuatered, avenger, accuse, 
5: container, engravers, Piersson, prisoner, rifles, rotate,
6: reproach,
7: creations / reactions, leuud,
8: batter, uuader, tarot (2x), hears,
9: Croat /actor,
10: creation / reaction, cholera,
11: graven,
12: Aschera, Anael,
13: notices / section, Elouisa,
14: uprises, prison, start,
15: eulogias / oil-usage, Horace,
16: -
17: raven,
18: chopper, Louise, Enoch,
19: copperah, repute,
20: ancestor,
21: chasers / crashes, chaste / cheats / scathe, chats,
22: Rachel,
23: uuade,

Copernicus's, relocations, rotate, Heraclean, ancestor, section, theocrats, refashion, Croat, walled, prison, uprises, start, prisoner, rifles, percussion, amount, Navare, reapproach, bactrian, Proserpine, Epperson, tracts, enflame, creation, engraver, colonies, anchoress, chatters, accuse, avenger, notices, container, watered, Aschera, Anael, Rachel, section.


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