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Nostradamus C4 Q93: The loyal barytone whose act of arson affects royal line.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 93 Guard dogs at night don't bark when a serpant lies with the Queen and a royal Prince is the born with a heavenly seal of approvalThis verse carries powerful allusions to classical astronomy figures thereby enabling a date to be given to a special royal birth in 2013. 'A serpent seen near the royal bed' refers to the region of sky between King Perseus and his wife Andromeda where the serpent bearing head of Medusa is often depicted. This head plays a critical role on their wedding night when Perseus uses it to turn his rival to stone by getting him to look into Medusa' face.


The location and the highlighting of the head in the sky indicates that the head of Taurus is Nostradamus' astronomic focal point.


Similarly 'The lady at night, the dogs will not bark' identifies the constellation as that of Virgo since this lady has the hounds of Bootes above her head. The anagrams give a complementary slant by revealing that it is the music of the verse that defines the planets involved and Nostradamus' guide in this matter seems to be the works of Cornelius Agrippa.


Agrippa makes music the major distinguishing feature in sorting the planets into two groups based on harmony or voice. He claims that of the seven Planets, Saturn, Mars, and the Moon have more of the Voice than of the Harmony which Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Mercury possess. In line with this this verse lacks internal rhyme which marks it as a verse of the voice.


And the evil tunes referred to in the anagrams are logically those of the voice making the Moon, Mars and Saturn the planets involved. The first line holds anagram clusters saying present Luna power ( al Vn - ſerpent - veu pro), elucidatory chore ( roche -e du lict roya). These form part of the key anagrams found in this verse and in the other lines there are other distinct attributes. We have barytones technicians ( ict chiens n'a- bayeront S), pyroarsenate drama ( ayeront Sera p - ar dam) and loyal arsonist ( oyal L - ors naiſt) which spell out in a quite specific manner things that identify a person's life.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Present lunar power prevent cupholder elucidatory chore
2. Neumatic technicians enchains barytone drama pyroarsenate named
3. Loyal attorney enters arsonist arsenites transference craven Prince fraternise ancient notary
4. Evil touuns introduce louuest soul perils  preclusions pustulose Princess not recovers


A serpent seen near the royal bed,
Being by the lady at night dogs don't bark
Then to be born in France a Prince so royal,
Come from heaven all the Princes will see him.

Vn ſerpent veu proche du lict royal
Sera par dame nuict chiens n'abayeront
Lors naiſtre en France vn Prince tant royal
Du ciel venu tous les Princes verront.

In Agrippa's scheme the Moon's sound is ill defined so Nostradamus hidden wording is an appropriate intervention for placing the Moon at the head of Taurus during the night. 

Mars is the Roman god of war and is linked to the Greek god Ares. In early incarnations as Ares, Mars was a fertility god and a protector of cattle but over time his role as an earth god expanded to include death and the underworld, and finally battle and war.  Agrippa's description of the symbols for this planet says ' Mars [has] rough, sharp, threatening, great and wrathful words' and the use of the word serpent fits neatly to this description.This indicates Mars location matches that of the Moon at the head of Taurus. It is also supported by the repetition of pr/rp lettering throughout the verse which starts in the first line.

And Agrippa's depiction of Saturn, the bearer of the scythe of time, reads 'Saturn hath sad, hoarse, heavy, and slow words, and sounds, as it were pressed to the Center'. Anagrams for neumatic and year found in the second line are time related terms that help identify Saturn as the planet located in Virgo. The sounds that support this idea start with nuict and chiens whose lettering slows down and weighs upon their pronunciation.

Because the astronomic windows are less than 10 degrees each (1/30th) and the orbit period of these three planets are about 30 years (Saturn), 30 months (Mars) and 28 days (Moon) and are not synchronised we can expect that only one date in every six hundred years can fulfill these narrow astronomic settings. Using the astronomy program 'Redshift 2' by Maris I can identify this date as June -July in 2013 CE. Now there was a famous royal birth in that month but it was in England not France as nominated in Nostradamus' text therefore it is unlikely to be that event that is the subject of this verse. There is another notable birth to a member of the royal family of Monaco. It does fit well to the date since the third line uses the reference ' Then to be born' implyimg some time shortly after and this birth took place in December'. But there is nothing other than my interpretation given above to support this posibility. Much of Nostradamus' Prophecies talk of a hidden lineage and it is highly probable that if such a person does emerge they will remain anonymous for many years and other pointers given in this verse must become visible. For example the anagrams suggest that the person will have an interest in music in his early years and the turning point in his life is his involvement with a program aimed at removing the threat of nerve gas. This scheme involving deliberate poisoning of the population fits to that found in many other quatrains thereby rendering this verses details as critical elements in Nostradamus story.

There is another reference in the anagrams that confirms the dating period since it consists of the frequently used letters ciu and the anagram for year. Now ciu can be either CIV= 504 or CVI= 506 and this prophecy was one of those first published in 1558 implying a dating from 2062 to 2070 and this is the period I frequently find as the start of the impact of a man born in the first part of this century.

L1: <elucidatory lVnes prevent><pure echo preventS><preSent pouver><euclid troy anVl preSent pouver><cupholder event>

L2: <barytone technicians unarmed><enchains neumatic barytone parrades><bans ethnic pyroarSenate (nerve fertlity poison)] drama><treaSon bans ethnic year><year civ (504) named banns ethic><~insane barytone rapeS a unarmed citch~><year ban inches / niches>

L3: <notary retainS certain roLls><irans aLloy / Loyal tranSference><ancient troy><attorney aLl arSonist><can FraterniSe><or arSenites oraLly interact><alLoy / Loyal arson entrieS><troy saints enfer encript an oraL cavern><reinFest nerac (Royal Court near Agens, S. France)>

L4: <evil tune introDuce verse Preclusions><evil tunes rePulsions recovers><tenuous Perils evil Duct><louuest elven Princess introDucer><Princeless touun><Priest soul><eucliD RR not evinces sPorules><vile sPleenuuorts evinces> slouuestT since tuuo solutes
2: cupholder, barytone, neumatic, slouuest, recovers, evinces, prevent, lucid,
4: spleenuuorts, introducer, pustulose, restrains, louuest, ancient, orally, 
5: fraternise, arsenites, arsonist,
6: Princess, reinfest, Tarento, inches, drama, ally,
7: introduce / reduction,
8: eduction, ductile (2x), unarmed, ethic,
9: sporules, rolls,
10: Ferrante, touun,
11: -
12: pre-Satan, tenuous, notary,
13: encript, induct,
14: lvnes,
15: arsonist, ochred, bay,
16: certain, niche,
17: rotund, Princes, Euclid (2x), menu,
18: solutes, present / serpent, alloy / loyal, insane, rvnes, anvl, bans,
19: elven,
20: arsenite, 
21: tuuo,
22: -
23: -

pyroarsenate, technicians, preclusions, elucidatory, attorney, enchains, arsonist, slowest, neumatic, barytone, cupholder, prevent, lucid, transference, repulsions, evinces, ethnic, touuns, ancient, power, pustulose, spleenworts, restrains, lowest, arsenites, Princess, orally, fraternise, recovers, reinfest, Tarento, ally, drama, unarmed, Ferrante, town, tenuous, ethic, pre-Satan, notary, encript, introduce, rotund, Princes, loyal, Euclid insane, runes.


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