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Nostradamus C04 Q97: The Sephirot and the King whose line will not fail.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of only three that holds an anagram for GOLD and the sequence it forms confirms Nostradamus' process in the clearest terms. I began each analysis of verses alluding to gold by referencing the patterns that you see in the verse. I talk of its equivalence to ancient patterns used in science to indicate where potential sites of minerals, stars or civilisations might be found. And I say this is what Nostradamus intended; visual clues that guiding us to look  beneath the verse into its poetic structures. When you do this in this verse you find something which is most unusual and although you would expect this could occur occasionally by chance alone it occurs quite frequently in appropriate lines of this verse.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C4 Q97 When Mercury, Mars and Venus are retrograde in the same year the Great Monarch of the Madonna line retuns via DNAThe anagrams I am referring to say aged gold patterns (tant pres - de Ga -gdol), evils taint presaged gold (e l'vſi - itant -pres de Ga - gdol) and there is also an anagram for persistant (ſitant pre). Each of these stretch chance's influence to increasingly low values. And in addition the next line has ill fortune exerting evil panic (fort enu. - uiel - lli - i Qu'en pa -ix et regne). These bizarre yet complex sequences most of which are made up from singular and rare anagrams containing Nostradamus' capitalized markers hold a message that is closely related to many normal discussions of gold.

In my analyses above I have retained the original quirky spelling and by doing this consistently I lower the chance of finding sequential anagrams. By this practice researcher bias is minimised not raised.

This verses astronomy allusion is as is common in many of Nostradamus' verses based on word plays that make sense of ancient myths about the stars. Here it is set up by Nostradamus when he writes 'One who in peace and reign will come to grow very old'. This is evocative of one constellation and that is Perseus, he who was the husband of Andromeda and from both of whom the lineage of Heracles sprang.

Perseus ( Greek : Περσεύς), the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty of Danaans there, was the first of the heroes of Greek mythology whose exploits in defeating various archaic monsters provided the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians .
Perseus and Andromeda had seven sons: Perses , Alcaeus , Heleus , Mestor , Sthenelus , Electryon , and Cynurus, and two daughters, Gorgophone , and Autochthe. Perses was left in Aethiopia and became an ancestor of the Persians. The other descendants ruled Mycenae from Electryon down to Eurystheus, after whom Atreus got the kingdom. However, the Perseids included the great hero, Heracles, stepson of Amphitryon, son of Alcaeus .


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Qlan manuevres quadrangle Western arms store  recur
2. Roman Qoran requalling random engine fail it guard Madonna DNA
3. Presaged gold eludes evils persistant pattern
4. Queen envied invader for ill fortune exerting regent pain
In the year Mercury, Mars, Venus retrograde,
The line of the great Monarch will not fail:
Elected by the people visiting nearby Gagdole
One growing very old in peace and reign.
L'an que Mercure Mars Venus retrograde.
Du grand Monarque la ligne ne faillit
Eſleu du peuple l'vſitant pres de Gagdole
Qu'en paix et regne viendra fort enuielli.
Note: there is no such word as vsitant nor a place called Gagdole. My translation uses visitant for vsitant but others translate it not as l'vsitant but as Lusitant meaning Lusitania (Portugal) and Gagdole is taken to be Spain.


So what does this Perseus inspired verse do to resolve the enigma of the regressing planets? Regression in a single year of three planets on different sides of the Earth's orbit around the sun is the most difficult of astronomic projections Nostradamus could have chosen. In order to resolve it he needed not one but at least two constellations set apart by approximately 180 degrees.

We now have one and as can be expected from Nostradamus' claims in his Prefaces the resolution of the astronomy is contained in the verse. The anagrams are Nostradamus' mode of concealment. In the first line of this verse there is a sequence that says E-quadrangLe recur store Western /Ventures arms (grade L'an qu- e - rcure - Mars - Venus ret) while the second line says engine fail lit equal roMan N-guard ( Du grand - Monar -que la - igne ne - fail - lit). And most of the verses key words such as quadrangle, equalling and Vuestern arise from very rarely occurring anagrams.

These messages make consistent sense when you use the Eastern part of the quadrangle of the Big Bear (the Dipper) and when you know that this figuration was often called the Northern Guard to the Polestar. The Uvestern arm is then that of Perseus. When either one of these two constellations is visible the other is, as suggested by the second anagram sequence, ill lit, it being on the other side of the Earth's heavenly view..

And the message about the Klan's activities in 2017 is this Klan ManeuVres recur resort grade  (ercur -e Mars Venu - s retro - grade - L'anq), a message that is consistent with a fraud involving precious metals.

With these settings for the planets in the constellations named there is only one relevant year where this takes place in the 21st century, it is in late spring in the year 2012.

L1: <Queme(to please) ManeuVres recur><ensure qLan garroted><rearMs Venturers><Vuestern><quadrangLe oVerturns> <uneq'Al grade resort><Qlan Ventures Mars or grade>

L2: <and it equal roMan ill guarD align><equalling randoM antiDrug><quran lineage-finale random lit><quare engine fail all><qoran lit galilene drugman finale>

L3: <vileSt lEueeS dupe aGed parents gold><presaGed gold taintS><aGed lives gold patterns><perSistant ev'l aGed gold>

L4: <gene invader fortune lie><liQuer given exert pain><expirate evening fortread><expirant invader of ill uterine gene><given exert panique><exit of ill vigenere reunite rand>
1: persistant, venturers, equalling,
2: maneuvres, quadrangle, antidrug, ventures, expirant, garroted, expirate,  vuestern, returns,
3:presaged,  patterns, Vigenere, gold, gourmand,
4: evening, routine, pattern, turgid, veering, lodge, vista, God,
5: Madonna, panique, unrest, fortread,
6: engine, till,
7: pretends, fortune, vilest, leuud, queme,
8: ravens, Qlan, Vars,
9: -
10: drugman, given,
11: liquer, reunite / uterine, eleleus,
12: uneqal,
13: greeds, exit,
14: Vienne,
15: exert,
16: finale, rearms,
17: align,
18: rvnes, recur,
19: -,
20: -
21: taints,
22: random, Quoran, monad, Qoran, edges, Argo,
23: leuees / sleeue,

persistant, venturers, equalling, quadrangle, antidrug, maneuvres, Western, gourmand, turgid, routine, Madonna, patterns, fortread, Vigenere, presaged, greeds, exit, gold, till, panique, returns, Qlan, pretends, vilest, fortune, drugman, liquer, given, finale, expirant, garroted, Vienne, rearms, reunite, Qoran, unrest.

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