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Nostradamus C4 Q98: N. proclaims he left special labels for ill events.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus verse C4 Q98 Nostradamus passion lay in lables that transposed the Cathar beliefs for ose of CatholicismThe anagrams of the first line of this verse are intriguing with their being a complete sequence saying in reverse order d'Nostredame Norse labels a passion ( nois paS - a - Les Alb - Seron - t dedans Rome). The second line also has quite meaningful and complex sequences that seem pertinent to the cause of Nostradamus since they say deems some perils a bluff, fearful symbole and annoyment sufferable. These are most unusual, unexpected, complex and rare but their message fills in a part of Nostradamus' pattern. It unites, music, astronomy, Agrippa and Nordic poetry as used in the Prose Edda.

The union is illustrated by several close-by verses (see C4 Q93 and C4 Q100) since ancient astronomic allusions are used together with the absence of Nordic-style internal rhyme to generate a single date for the events of each verse. And it is done using Agrippa's musical coding system for the planets. It is not surprising Nostradamus would have a passion for these fearful symbols for they allow Nostradamus to date his message by a sophisticated use of sound and lettering. And there are many references in his prefaces and verses that state that there is a hiddden code in the pattern of the verse. But in this verse it does not lead to a precise date but to an allusory defining of its story.

In this verse there  are internal rhymes based around ' on/an /en' that mark it as one where harmony dominates. This marks the verse as one where the classic tale of Venus is relevant. According to Agrippa the sounds of the planet Venus are lascivious, luxurious, delicate, voluptuous, dissolute and fluent. I believe the following sounds are therefore pertinent indicators of Nostradamus intent "ou ux us uz uc ue eu oiol loilli ly lu ul sl unnu am ma muommo ns sn en an is ys iz ez". Many of these can be found throughout this verse

I believe the sounds of Venus are the sounds of the institutions and persons that are neither part of war nor itswarriors.It is by this reasoning that I conclude the anagrams identify the major participants as bankers who foreclose on their borrowers with devastating results. 

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. d'Nostredame passion transposed labels 
2. Anyone deems money a fearful symbol emperial annoyment impel sufferable  peril
3. Marq duties preannounced Homams heads encaptured
4. Unsafe Gambron defuses ill poles into unfated ill iller rebels blessed
Those of Alba will pass into Rome,
By means of Langres the multitude muffled up,
Marquis and Duke will pardon no man,
Fire, blood, smallpox no water the crops to fail.
Les Albanois paſſeront dedans Rome
Moyennant Langres demipler affubles
Marquis et Duc ne pardonnes a homme
Feu ſang morbilles point d'eau faillir les bleds.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text

  1. <d'nostRedame LAbels perSonaS><NorSe Labels moRe a d'nostredame passion> <tranSpoSes edda noRms> <Eddan moRse LAbels tranSpoSed><eLse Albion / Albino paSs NorSe dated noRms> <Albas ions sadden patroneSS ><moRse LAbels eddan treaSonS > <LAbels dated seRmon reaSonS >
  2. <a bluff soMe deems peril><fearful syMbole impedes><sufferable annoyMent impel> <Money raffle blues impedes><emperial strangLed><emperial dangers yeoMens bluff><gendarmes peril a bluff><strangLed emperial bluff>
  3. <inDuctees pardon Marq><suiteD homam's preannounced MarQ><has preannounced Duties><nonMahommeds encaptured><querist pardon Dunce> <suiteD Meraq (U. Mjr star )>
  4. <billers (who) FuSsed among unap'ointed fail><antipodes blessed unSaFe ill-failures><gambron (Bandar Abbas) use ill depletions><morgan defuSes pointed libels>

1: preannounced, ill-failures, d'Nostredame, depletions, sufferable, antipodes, symbole, Gambron, blessed, bluff, defuses,
2: encaptured, annoyment, antipode, saleable / sealable, impedes, fearful, bleeds, Hosea,
3: Germanised / renegadism, transposes, ramellose, epsilon, Homams, yeomens, Meraq, bill, Morgan
4: transposed, epidermal, stranded, pointed, Um-Qasir, trodden, unfated, bells,
5: aspersions, marquise, albino / Albion, labels, fuses,
6: billers, querist, libels, among, Moyse,
7: strangled, personas, passion, Bosnia, anyone, raffle, feuds, marq,
8: lords-name, inductees, gendarmes, points, Homam, demise,
9: patroness / transpose, asepsis, dated, Omah,
10: money, basal, apsis,
11: -,
12: almoners, emperial, dregs,
13: marque, morsel, greeds,
14: unsafe,
15: duties / suited, banal,
16: sermon,
17: detain, feeds, bled,
18: -,
19: treasons, norms,
20: strangle, reasons, blues,
21: risque / squire, Oannes, educt, Emma,
22: libel, passes, Iraqu, Iona,
23: impel.

antipodes, ill-failures, sufferable, depletions, d'Nostredame, preannounced, Gambron, symbole, defuses, blessed, bluff, renegadism, annoyment, impedes, fearful, libels, Bosnia, encaptured, bleeds, transposes, among, unfated, personas, anyone, feeds, raffle, passion, Homam, points, Lords-name, demise, emperial, greeds, unsafe, duties, banal, sermon, strangle, reasons, labels, dated.

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