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Nostradamus C4 Q99: Metor showers signal start of disease based religious war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 99 Valiant Son of Kings daughter hurls back the Celts who feel attacked by a vast array of thunderbolts that have a range increasingly taking them far into the West.In its first line this verse brings together many reference points such as the valiant prince that is found in surrounding quatrains. Its astronomic reference points can be found in Hercules' eleventh labour which involves thunderbolts, dragons and the nymphs of Hesperides.


This Herculean connection offers an interpretation of this verse's content. The common boundary of the constellation of Heracles with Bootes and Draco is a known source of annual meteor showers that are distinguished by being few and distant except in a small window for a few hours in mid January in the far northern part of the Earth. The last two lines imply that there will be an occasion when this shower turns deadly, increasing in strength and becoming a disease-laden threat to Mediterranean countries. This story fits to that of Nostradamus' Fire in the Sky theme found in his prefaces and in many of his other Prophecies.

Further detail of this enigmatic story are embodied in the verse via anagrams of which the most notable are delusionary ( du Roy L'aisn), prowesses ( s Repouſſe), liquory ( roy Qu'il), microbes ( res combi), proof ( profo), Persias ( ſera ſi p), Europes ( es Repou), biome ( ombie), combines ( s combien). There is also a sequence which says Royal Navies inflated a ill duel ( Roy L'a - iſne va- ill -a -nt de la fil -le du).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Navies all ill inflated filled your delusionary aliens
2. Europes prouuesses arouses enclosed proof Persia select queries enfolds
3. Liquory matter of coders biome scoured combines eternal tale learnt
4. Outline equips purposing proof ends spheres queries
Valiant elder son of the King's daughter
He will hurl back the Celts very far,
Such that so many thunderbolts cast in array
Few and distant then deep into the Hesperias.
L'aiſne vaillant de la fille du Roy
Repouſſera ſi profond les Celtiques
Qu'il mettra foudres combien en tel arroy
Peu et loing puis profondes Heſperiques.
L1: <alleviant (remedy) fill DelusionaRy deal><aLiens filled youR deal><via youR aLiens all inflated> <idleful RoyaL veins dealt a navieS ill ><~duller if dealt an ill navieS oyL~><~RoyaL navieS inflated a ill duel~>

L2: <for perSiaS quilt enClosed euRopes><proof iS pRouueSSes Celtiq lends era> <repairS prouueSSes of olden Celts> <seleCt querRies> <~pairS of olden Celts sQuire~> <enfolds Celtiq use> <oSSuaries proof> <arouSes peeRs>

L3: <combines rude liQuory matter of eternal> <remittal of submediocre> <miQuel sourced fatter biome> microbes

L4: <SpHeres / peSHers end proof equiPs longitudee><fond purposing oil She reequiPs outline> <proof end periSHes> <SHeep queries ends proof>
L1: <flailed alleviant deLuSionaRy><failed alliant veinS><RoyaL idleful dealt><youR filled delta> <vial aLienS>

L2: <proof oSSuarieS Reequips><repairS SpouSe queRist><eSpouSe quRies seleCt><queRies Celts enfold><SerapiS Soup Requites><aSSureS spoRe quiet><queeRs leCti lends> <perSia pRouuesSeS><quilt enClosed><arouSeS peRuse><praiSeS opuS><uSerS euRopes>

L3: <liQuory eternal recombines><alert bienne comes> <biome sourced><matter Quil> submediocre

L4: <fond purposing toil><loing uPsete reequip><equiPs SpHere nodes> <requipS Heeds><reequipS sHed><risque SHeep> equipPers
1: submediocre, delusionary, purposing, combines, MICROBES,  inflated,
2: recombines, prouuesses, equippers, liquory, decorous, remittal,
3: OSSUARIES, idleful,
4: alleviant, ENFOLD, OUTLINE,
5: Miquel, filled, cursed,
6: combine, Hesperis / perishes, querist, BIOME,
7: FILL, Peshers / SPHERES,
8: requites, flailed, assures,
10: re-equips, venial,
11: sourced / scoured, re-equip, failed, Pesher / sphere, heeds, sheep,
12: requips, comes,
13: -,
14: equips,
15: queries (2x),
16: arouses,
17: eternal,
18: shed,
19: espouse, Persias / praises/ Serapis, Europes, Celts, 
20: repairs, proof (2x),
21: decors / coders / scored, quilt, risque / squire (2x)
22: alive,
23: spouse, lends.

delusionary, submediocre, prowesses, combines, ossuaries, purposing, inflated, liquory, microbes, outline, querist, filled, Miquel, decorous, sPheres, remittal, enfold, alleviant, biome, re-equips, Persias, eternal, proof, enclosed, Celts, Europe's, idleful, coders, espouse.


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