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Nostradamus C5 Q01: The work of theologians comes under the scrutiny of parliament.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 01  d'Etaple's exemplar of a wierd degenerant error adoring couriers rebuiltThis and the next verse share ideas since the anagram for parliament found in C5 Q2 anagrams ties into the term parlementeron used in the text of this verse. Interestingly this verse has an anagram for exemplar which implies there are links to be made.

This  verse has the lettering teples which is taken by most to be the French word for temples however it is at best an awkward spelling of that word and in its existant forms it forms an anagram for d'Etaples, the name of a 16th century theologian engaged in translating parts of the Bible into French. If this was Nostradamus' intent then these verses may well be about the practical mannner by which 16th century religious ideologies came to dominate future centuries.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. UUierd avent ruined quiet Celine elect quite ventured ?
2. Paler men noted rotten dead element d'Etaples' exemplar
3. Picquet picq couriers curious contrawise mountenance

4. Englander degenerant error rebuilt resonants altering Beirut afire
Before the coming of Celtic ruin,
In the temple two will negotiate
Pike & dagger to the heart of one mounted on a charger
They bury the great one without making any noise
Avant venu de ruine Celtique
Dedas le teple deux parlementeront
Poignard coeur d'vn mont eau courſier et picque
Sans faire bruit le grand enterreront
L1: <luCiene ventured><equivalent-Adventure ><nieCe liquAte><uuierd / uuider vent> <eleCt ruined>

L2: <men rotten uxe deplete paler Dead><~preaux element torn saDdle deplete~> <d'etaples (Fr Bible translator) exemplar elude><~ampler pellets exude not enter Dead~>eDDas trodden dated

L3: <picquet atune Pigeon courierS><girona code><curiouS receipt><ePoq-picture co-reading crouu riSe><meton raucouS verdun dracon><adoring Po><our carding devour reSpite mountance (extent / quantity)>contrauuiSe

L4: <englander / greenland beirut fair reSonants><error ten enlarged beirut fair><fans treaSon err alerting / altering /relating / triangle dent><reenter rebuilt fairs danger><terror-aSsent endanger rebuilt fair> farsi ligature
1: d'Etaples, deplete, contrauuise,
2: mountance, uncargoed, ligature, exemplar, movnd,
3: ventured, curious,
4: degenerant, trodden, receipt, uuierd, error,
5: runacode, Picquet, raucous, Ecuador, pigeon,
6: couriers, adoring, rebuilt, Luciene, octaue, saddle,
7: resonants, curios, element,
8: Beirut, Farsi / fairs, pellet,
9: alerting / altering / relating / triangle, salted, dated,
10: Pelates, crouus, Verdun, 
11: carding, retires / retries,
12: Girona, Draco,
13: Englander, Greenland, resonant, crouu,
14: respite,
15: devour,
16: liquate,
17: -
18: endanger, Eddas,
19: acute,
20: Preaux,
21: quilt,
22: -
23: deluxe, sefira, quic.

contrawise, d'Etaples, exemplar, deplete, mountance, uncargoed, ligature, ventured, curious, mound, trodden, wierd, error, Picquet, runacode, Ecuador, adoring pigeon, couriers, receipt, rebuilt, Luciene, saddle, element, resonants, Beirut, fairs, salted, pellet, raucous, crows, alerting, Verdun, Girona, Englander, Greenland, devour, resonant, respite, Eddas, acute, quilt, endanger, Preaux.


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