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Nostradamus C5 Q4: Northern Europeans turn upon each other in a religious war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The presentation of religion found in the nearby verses is interwoven in the current verse with a very different tale about relationships of people involved in regular animal hunts. In the anagrams for Meleagros chases incited seed is an important catalyst for this conclusion since it holds the name of a Greek hero whose fame included his hosting of a legendary hunt. The Bear named in the text is an alternate name given to Russia which places it in the same zone as the previous verse. In keeping with this it is possible the mastiff refers to the people around the Caucas mountains and the wolf the nations around Hungary and the Stag the peoples of Scandinavia.

The nature of the story given by the anagrams is one of religious difference and the evolution of a culture that hunts down the people of different faiths and cultures. 

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Meleagros instead catechised chaldees distance deceits
Le gros maſtin de cite deſchaſſe

Safer chase eldest grants sheltered strange Galilean angelical allegiance
Sera faſche de l'eſtrange alliance

savior relic chafers repasses causes phasm recoil
Apres aux champs auoir le cerf chaſſe

Norn defiant nacelle pollute our duress  
Le loup et L'ours ſe donront defiance

# Meleagros: the Greek name for the host of the Calydonian Boar hunt mentoned in Homer's writings. It is also the name given to a genus of beetles
The large mastiff expelled from the city
Will be vexed by the strange alliance,
After having chased the stag to the fields
The wolf and the Bear will defy each other.
Le gros maſtin de cite deſchaſſe
Sera faſche de l'eſtrange alliance
Apres aux champs auoir le cerf chaſſe
Le loup et L'ours ſe donront defiance
L1: <meLeagros (Calydonian Boar hunt) chaSeS><Saintdoms LargeSSe deceitS><catechiSed inStead><indicateS / actinideS detacheS LeSS><maSonist chaSed LeSS deceit><~randomiSts gLee SachS deceitS~><edit diStance>moraSs enticed

L2: <galilean refaceS chaldeeS><allegiance Safer /fearS chaSed><See an angelical fracaS Sheltered><relateS larcenieS angel chaSed><increaSe legal><<alterS relianceS angel heed><argental relianceS><~eldeSt range chaSe fearS / Safer alliance~>

L3: <Aruspex (entrail diviner)><chafer (beetle) phasm (apparition) cauxes SpeArS recoil><sauior map>peculiarsome

L4: <defiant donor resolute><odourLeSs norn defiant><poLlute cLean Sour'es / rouSes><doSes non-interfaced petroL-uueLl><our doSes Let up defiant norn><neucLeon defiant><fronted Lot reSounds>
1: noninterfaced, peculiarsome, catechised, angelical, Saintdoms, Meleagros, fracas, sheltered,
2: odourless, headscarf, alliances, allegiance, larcenies, reliances, Chaldees, pollute,
3: randomists, definant, nucleole, defiance, ageless, donor,
4: indicates / actinides, Galilean, resounds, identic, Maoists, incited, fancied, acruxes, faience, refaces,
5: Masonist, cauxes,
6: detaches, sect-head, sexupara, increase, deceits, morass, hassle,
7: clashes, deleters,
8: fronted, defiant, chafer,
9: Galilea, aruspex,
10: routeless, deft,
11: largesse, recoil, deletes, phasm,
12: champs, enticed, mass,
13: citadens, / distance, Chesed (2x), duress,
14: chafes,
15: Sauior, legal,
16: deceit,
17: argental,
18: instead, repasses, chased (2x),
19: eldest,
20: strangle, mast,
21: -
22: -
23: -

non-interfaced, peculiarsome, catechised, angelical, Saintdoms, Meleagros, fracas, sheltered, dourless, headscarf, alliances, allegiance,donor, larcenies, reliances, Chaldees, pollute, randomists, ageless, defiance, Maoists, incited, Masonist, causes, detaches, sect-head, sexupara, chafer, increase, aruspex, deceits, defiant, Galilean, clashes, routeless, distance, Savior, phasm, recoil, enticed, mass, citadens, duress.

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