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Nostradamus C5 Q05: A Bourbon descendant of Gabrielle d'Estrees active in Middle East fraud.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 05  Misrule of a city involves fraud and a vile pretense fostered bya descendant of d'EstreesIn 1594 Henri III of Navarrre renounced his Protestant heritage and became a Catholic having declared Paris is well worth a Mass.

At that time Gabrielle d'Estrees was his mistress and had been since she was sixteen. It was she that was credited with being the rational influence that made it possible for her lover to become King Henry IV of France.

She was constantly with him and even went on his military campaigns. Gabrielle had several children by Henry and he bestowed on her the title of Duchess of Beaufort, a name that recurs as anagrams in Nostradamus Prophecies relating to lineage (See C2 Q58, C3 Q1 and C5 Q42). Their story seems to bear close parallels to that told in the text while the story in the anagrams relates to events in the middle east at Jerusalem and Edessa / Urfa. This divergence makes sense if the events of the 16th century interface with the Beaufort families generated from the Gabrielle and Henry liaison.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. UUierdest verse d'Estrees fear mobs noticed contested interface  detections
2. Vilest usurper Yesusalem purer epulary meme
3. Fire refer para-fraudx June tune-up
4. UXA prose seem revile Auch map inflates last-line Latins lamp left

# epulary: of or relating to feasting.
Under the shadowy pretense of removing servitude,
He will himself usurp the people and city
He does worse because of deceit of young whore
Delivered in the field reading the false premise.
Souz ombre faincte d'oſter de ſeruitude
Peuple et cite l'vſurpera luy meſmes
Pire fera par fraux de jeune pute
Liure au champ liſant le faux proeſme.
L1: <noticed fear mob deSertS><fear mobZ detections uuordieSt reuSed> <interfaced so deterS uueirdeSt mob><d'eStreeS uuordieSt mob interfaced><Stored uueirdeSt mob interfaced><dutieS reuSed Stored interface><i conteSted mob fear><uurite mob deserts douSez interface><uuordieSt defecation deSertS zombre Seer>

L2:<Seems my Superlative-lecture><elect vileSt><vSurp yeruSalem><epulary (things related to feasting) memeS (cultural seeds) suPple>purer

L3: <fear pap-er fraudx put a fire> <aPpear-rife><june uxed far><urfa (Edessa) Pre-pare- a fire>

L4: <ieruSaLem Sulphamic (acid of sulfur)><Lime urea inflateS axposure><uxa felt auch map Slain uiler proSe><auch lamp uiler Saint><auch map latinS euiLer meropS (bee eating wasp)><laSt-line map>Some left
1: sulphamic, fraudx, uuordiest, mobz,
2: detections, contested, Yerusalem, inflates, vsurp,
3: defecation, interfaced, uueirdest, seruitude, uurit,
4: lastline, 
5: noticed, uurites,
6: misrule, Fabre,
7: interface, Ierusalem, epulary, d' Estrees (2x), deserter, vilest, Merops,
8: supple,
9: costed,
10: dessert / deserts,
11: refire,
12: -
13: -
14: -
15: duties / suited,
16: deriues / residue,
17: Latins, purer,
18: uprears, steered,
19: lamp / palm, left / felt,
20: -
21: ousted, June,
22: -
23: reuile / reliue.

sulphamic, frauds, mobs, wordiest, detections, Yerusalem, contested, inflates, interfaced, weirdest, writ, lastline, noticed, writes, misrule, Fabre, interface, Ierusalem, epulary, d' Estrees, vilest, Merops, supple, duties, costed, deserter, Latins, purer, lamp, uprears, left, residue, June, ousted.


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