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Nostradamus C5 Q06: The Paracletes (Holy Spirit) appears as an Archangel in the vineyard
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Nostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry about Holy GhostParaclete: According to Trinitarian doctrine, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who among other things provides guidance, consolation, strength, and support to people. Other titles for the Holy Spirit include 'Spirit of Truth', Lightful Spirit of God Almighty, Holy Breath, Almighty Breath, Giver of Life, Lord of Grace, Helper, 'Comforter', 'Counselor' and 'Supporter'....Paraclete in Wikipedia

The Praclete verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesVerse C5 Q06 is paired with C9 Q75 in this series on the Paraclete because both expand on the roles of the Holy Spirit in Biblical stories describing the events surrounding Christ's death.

The distinctive anagrams that set the structure for understanding this verse include under-achieving Archangel (in gauche viendr _  achanger l), Paracletes (┼┐ceptre A la)  a popular XII  repair equivalent (a prier_ pour la p_a_ix I_talique Vien), your era (re A_u roy) and  vineyard (y viendra).

 Nostradamus centuries 5 quatrain 06 Paraclete Archangel King of Kings EmperorThere is considerable consistency wthin these keys with the popular twelve possibly representing the disciples, a concept in keeping with the Paracletes appearance as an Archangel in a vineyard as it reaches back to the myths surrounding Jesus' death. But it may also relate to the zodiac and the readjustment needed after a polar axis shift.

The way in which the story in the text conforms to the Christ lineage theme is mainly seen by the verses containing story of the three brothers.

However there are hints to its being relevant via the focus on a kingly rise that culminates in leadership of a peaceful Empire.

The Augur putting his hand upon the head of the King
Will come to pray for the peace of Italy
He will come to move the scepter to his left hand,
From King he will become pacific Emperor.
Au roy l'Augur sur le chef la main mettre
Viendra prier pour la paix Italique
A la main gauche viendra changer le ſceptre
De Roy viendra Empereur pacifique
L1: <royAl gurus cheerful animal><your erA><A flame terminate your lurches><amalfi (City in Spain) hercules royAl guru><your rAte met mania> <cruel gurus>

L2: <ix driVen a popular repair I liquate><a popular xiI repair><riper inVader liquate>

L3: <pAracleteS archangel magian driven><reSpect underachieving archangel><animal repeAts> <pAracleteS unachieved genearchal gain><reaL mania><preSelect arch range><enlargeS envied arch>

L4: <if queRied yov rEmained><purer ivoRy prEnamed><vineyard eRoDe>
1: under-achieving, queried, gurus,
2: royal-guru, Paracletes, terminate, Magian,
3: unachieved, genearchal, Paraclete, popular, ivory, xii,
4: your era, Amalfi, augurs,
5: Archangel, vineyard, cheerful, arch-dean,
6: preselect, dampener / prenamed, handcar, premade, Augian, Guiana, aflame, again,
7: lurches,
8: pre-invade, treescape, hive, guru,
9: Hercules,
10: anarch, taxi,
11: -
12: remained, animal (2x),
13: augur,
14: -
15: -
16: liquate, repour, yov,
17: purer,
18: respect / spectre / sceptre, rulers, flame,
19: enlarges / generals, renamed, mania (2x),
20: -
21: -
22: -
23: -

gurus, queried, under-achieving, Paracletes, Magian, royal-guru, terminate, unachieved, popular, xii, genearchal, Paraclete, your-era, augurs, Archangel, vineyard, cheerful, Amalfi, arch-dean, preselect, prenamed, treescape, hive, Augian, aflame, again, lurches, Hercules, remained, liquate, Guiana, ivory, animal, repour, you, respect, purer, rulers, flame, enlarges, mania.

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