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Nostradamus C5 Q10: A star-like bomb is used by desperate wealthy men.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q10 Chieif wounded and death overtakes his men near cellar relief comes from four unknown onesThis verse holds anagrams for Sungod re-equate source (ognus d- e quatre Et - ſecour) starbomb (s mort abb) and secret-powers (re Et ſecourus p) which relate to Mayan and radiants found in the previous verse. Together they iprovide a description of a new military techology not unlike that which modern scientists seek through the fusion of atomic nuclei. The text fits to such a scene with the money for the creation of this device coming from anonymous donors (See C5 Q4 for more on this aspect).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Alecons clones fleech quiet lands less-confectible vessel
2. Creeds departures persuade nasty monetarist abort nearmost starbomb
3. Edessans seeds sedately disperses agedness agent aptly eyes premises men tend
4. Sequestrated source organic Sun God secret-powers

# Alencon: Francois d'Alencon son became head of the Bourbon line through his marriage to a daughter of Marguerite d'Anguleme.

A Celtic chief wounded in the conflict
Seeing death overtaking his men near a cellar
Pressed by blood and wounds and enemies,
And relief by four unknown ones.


Vn chef Celtique dans le conflict bleſse
Au pres de caue voyant ſiens mort abbatre
De ſang et playes et d'ennemis preſſe
Et ſecourus par incognus de quatre.


L1: <clones liquated / deliquate (melt)><quiet lands fleeCh><alencons unquilted feCche (to fetch) Sevens>VeSSel unsealed belts

L2: <a starbomb departures><pure Abater caused mens Sanity abort><any monetariSts persuAder avuoce><nasty monieS auvoce><caused starbomb apertura><sermon persuAde auvoce sanity>monaStries creeds / screed

L3: <ageDneSS premiSes / impreSs><agentS aptly see empires SeedS end><eDeSSaS empire><~yale negateS DiSperSes end men set~><eDeSSan SpireS get men play>sedately eyes

L4: <~Sect rE-equate sungod in crouu pairs~><cupreous organic sun rEequated><Secret-pouuers><pariS coutures><unrecognisEd-quartet Source><SEquestrated (isolated) unprecarious gun><Secret-pouuers>usurp
1: MONETARISTS, SEQUESTRATED, SECRET-POUUERS, unprecarious,  monetarists, equate-secret, semipendent, STARBOMB, DISPERSES, liquated,  reequate, sanity, aptly, uuarps,
2: UNRECOGNISED, sparrouu, sedately, organic, sungod, 
3: impresses, cuprous, fecche, cleft, sevens, usurp,
5: impress, vessel,
6: AGEDNESS, abort, play,
7: EDESSAS, nasty, eyes,
8: apertura, ceased, belts, clef,
9: cupreous,
10: persuader, unsealed, crouus, caused,
11: Edessan, easy,
12: rapture, negates, secrete,
13: crouu,
14: matrons, calends, monies, simeon, creeds / screed, rouus,
15: -
16: coutures, nearmost / Menastor, sermon, cog,
17: -
18: -
19: empires / premise, primes, norms, Edessa,
20: -
21: pressed, quilt, petal / plate, belt,
22: conflict, bless,
23: cleans / lances.

monetarists, sequestrated, monies, creeds, unprecarious, secret-pouuers, disperses, sungod, star-bomb, warps, cupreous, vessel, liquated, organic, apertura, aptly, re-equate, sanity, sevens, cleft, sedately, fecche, departures, Alencons, premises, Quieda, nasty, eyes, abort, Edessas, agedness, play, unsealed, belts, caused, crows, easy, rapture, negates, Edessan, calends, matrons, usurp, nearmost, rows, coutures, sermon, persuade, bless, empires, quilt.


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