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Nostradamus C5 Q11: The time in this century when the myth of the Archangel becomes a threat.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q11 Seas unsafe for those of the sun those of Venus holds all Africa  Saturn no longer holds their realm and Asiatic part changes,This verse has very strong stories to tell in both its text and its anagrams. The strongest anagrams of this verse outline a story similar to that in the preceding verses. Of these the most imposing are a-Polaris (par ſolair), fateful (ute l'Aff), Archangel (changer a l), Sunnite (nus tien), neutron (turne n'o), Israels (laires ſ)  Asia (Aſia).

The following verse has an intriguing set of allusions suggestive of an astronomic date setting being included in the verse. 'Those of the Sun' could be either the zodiac signs or Mercury and Venus. If the latter is the case then it most likely refers to the zodiac sign of Pisces, which is the sign most involving the Sea and over which these planets can pass. The second line may then imply Venus is south of the Sun and Mercury is to the north. The third line adds the notion that Saturn has just passed through Pisces and the fourth suggests Mars, Jupiter and the Moon may be entering from the East.

Venus & Mercury with SunThere is only one small period in this century that matches the astronomic setting found in this verse. It occurs in March 2058CE a period during which in Nostradamus' storyline the machinations of religious rulers sets up the climate for the genocides, genetic manipulations and authoritarian dogmatism that will follow. The year fits with other verses that define the year 2065 as the time when science experimentation suffers its greatest setback by bringing great harm to the areas surrounding Lac Leman in Switzerland (See my paper on Geneva 2065 for more on this topic.

The anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

1. Israel remap a-Polaris ensure apes eras pass
2. Even sun suit Nordien outlet fateful cirque exude
 One Ruler genre pulses natures neutron cup concern real
4. Archangel teach apart as Asia quiet

Sea not passed over safely by those of sun
Those of Venus will hold all Africa:
Saturn will no longer occupy their realm,
And the Asiatic part will change.


Mer par ſolaires ſeure ne paſſera
Ceux de Venus tiendront toute l'Affrique
Lur regne plus Saturne n'occupera
Et changer a la part Aſiatique.


  1. <enSure SpearS reMap Solar rise><prearM So enSure israel era paSS><Sailor prearm Seers rune><perSeanS era uSe Solar rise><realiSes Solar rune prearM Seas><~So israel reuSe pen aS prearMS~><enSure ape raperS reaMaSS>
  2. <fAteful Cirque not to exude><eVen intrudes on><sun Vexed><Venue site><outlet not A quiffer><eVen rAffi outlet not intrudes><not tout rAffle>toluAte
  3. <plus natureS ruraL gene a pure><concern a uSsat ruLer pure plunge><cc [200] pure neutron reguLar pulSes><a pure concern ruLer plunges natureS cone><once uSsat run>
  4. <a archangel quit Asia part><tEach ASia quite apart><Satrapal (Persian petty ruler) era quiet change>
1: -
2: Satrapal, unvexed, vexed,
3: runastone, Saturnus, repugner, concern,
4: Polaris-a, plunges, fateful, re-amass,
5: archangel, quiffer, Sunnite, plunge,
6: neutron, Hecate,
7: intrudes, toluate, raffle, riff,
8: ensures, venues,
9: uueecq, sutras / tarsus, rural,
10: -
11: cirque, sailor, units, series,
12: totute, aqti,
13: Perseans, realises, 
14: prearms, venue,
15: Patras,
16: -,
17: Israels,
18: outlet, Sauls,
19: -
20: apart, USSAT,
21: neuron, ruler,
22: cheat / teach,
23: Asia (2x)

Key Ideas:

Satrapal, runastone, unvexed, a-Polaris, fateful, plunges, concern, Archangel, Sunnite, sailor, quiffer, reamass, Hecate, cirque, neutron, intrudes, toluate, riff, ensures, venues, Perseans, week, raffle, realises, prearms, Patras, venue, Sauls, Israels, neuron , outlet, ruler, apart, USSAT, cheat, Asia.


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