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Nostradamus C5 Q14: Masonic interest in the nature of comets affects the 21stC.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 14 Saturn & Mars in Leo signals the fates role in events surrounding the arrival of the space rock called Apep.The intent of this verse is set by key anagrams such as Masonic (omain ſc), unifocal (au conflic), health (althe H), persistence (in ſceptre ſe), euphoric (iue Proch), permeation (pe Et Romain), attract (ct attra), Romantics (t Romain ſc), tacit (ict at), releasement (rne et Mars el), inspect (in ſcept), prescient (in ſceptre), Aapep (ape Pa, appe), meteor (e Et Rom), rock (r coq, roch), Piscean (ain ſcep), apogees (eo Eſpag). These keys align with the stories of late in this century in which the earth is bombarded by a devastating meteor storm that changes human biology.

The anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

1. Agen pact if use natures stream lone pages numerate apogees releasement
2.  Eparch attract uueaq unifocal paper Aapep fly by

3. Vesperin euphoric crop her deed echoed male health hamlet pride
4. Moira prescient persistence Apep meteor rocq Masonic paper permeation
Saturn and Mars in Leo Spain captive,
By the African chief trapped in the conflict,
Near Malta, Herod taken alive,
And  Roman scepter struck down by the Cock.
Saturne et Mars en Leo Eſpagne captifue
Par chef Lybique au conflict attrape
Proche de Malthe Heredde prinſe viue
Et Romain ſceptre ſera par coq frappe.

The verse is also one of those that has a deducable astronomic date setting included in its text. Mars orbital period is just under two years which means that it spends about two months in each sign. Saturn's period is about 28 years so it spends about the same time in any sign as it takes Mars to cover all twelve. There is therefore a two month period in every 28 years and about twenty-two dates in 600 years which can fulfil Nostradamus' astronomic setting in this verse. The wording of the verse implies that no other stellar body is present in Leo at the time and so the presence of others eliminates most of the possible dates. Of the four dates possible in this century only those of June to July 2036 and September to October 2096 fulfil these conditions. However the war setting in the verse seems more in keeping with Nostradamus' story about the end of this century thus making 2096CE the most likely date. This is supported by the anagrams, especially those in the fourth line which references a meteor that causes death.

L1: <agen poSE pact if uSe reLeaseMent at urn><eaSt nuMerate><Learns apogEeS><fit uuaterS enstreaM><Lone pagES Master e rune><aESop uuaterS reLeaseMent fit agen Space><natureS streaM / Master>

L2: <Paper ch-iefly attract><cheaPer part> <eparCh attract unifocal act><eparCh tacit part><Paper briefly-chart>aPpear Aapep Preach

L3: <euPhoric deeM veinS Health><Here the deed previnS euPhoric Medal> <Her pure deed echoed theMal veinS><Medea euPhoric veSperin>

L4: <reSpect era pERmeations / spERmeation /imPersonate><preSet Masonic tRee era><a mEteor perSistence><peterS cREmationS apep frocq><a preScient mEteor><piScean mEteoR / rEmote treeS><Since a mEteoR peSter / peterS><Spear reSpect a paper frocq><Seer inSpect a mEteor><RomanticS / naRcotiSm era preSet><frocq parapEt Roma><far rocq>

1: permeation, unifocal, euphoric, health, frocq,
2: persistence, inspect, apogees, attract, rocq,
3: Romantics, releasement, Masonic, hamlet, tacit,
4: permeations, cheaper, gaps, 
5: cremations, reinspects, numerate, lathe,
6:  cinemas, peep,
7: Vesperin, parapet,
8: prescient, Piscean, echoed, chafer,
9: uuaste, Aesop,
10: -,
12: parch,
13: enstream, eparch / preach, pangs,
14: pages, gap,
15: ochred, Aapep,
16: -,
17: meteor / remote,
18: respect / sceptre / spectre,
19: -,
20: patter,
21: -,
22: recoup, master/ stream, pride, Medea, 
23: here.

Masonic, frocq, unifocal, health, persistence, euphoric, permeation, attract, Romantics, hamlet, tacit, releasement, inspect, attract, Aapep, meteor, rock, Piscean, apogees, numerate, cremations, Vesperin, parapet, impersonate, prescient, pages, spermeation, cheaper, gaps,  cremations, numerate, lathe, respects, cinemas, peep, Vesperin, parapet, echoed, chafer, waste, Aesop, parch, enstream, eparch, pangs, gap, ochred,: patter, recoup, stream, pride, Medea, here.




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