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Nostradamus C5 Q15: Legacy of popes concerns those who administer their estates.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q15 Great pontiff taken captive while navigating his successor fails the clergy and the next Pope elected fails to take uphis post but this allows his favorite bastard child to be executed.The text of this verse suggests it is about the Papal lineage and there are elements in the anagrams that give this strong support.


The detail provided includes the actions of clercs within the hierarchy to ensure that the passing on of the leadership from one male to another continues even when the pope's earthly legacy must pass to an illegitimate child.


But within the anagrams there is also part of the ongoing tensions between Nostradamus and his publisher Rigaud Benoist over concerns about the work beeing too dark and satanic.


The named supergiants Rigel (C5 Q83), Regulus (C5 Q88), Antares (C5 Q58), Canopus (C8 Q63) and Deneb (C5 Q15) can all be seen as anagrams in the Prophecies. Usage of these prominent stars as his prime pointers for dates is consistent with his stated approach to astronomic date codes.


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Anne captiuating in spring if pardonings feint
2. Fates regulantz spare frailest cells ill relics crust use welts must
3. Absoluteness enclosed besides Deneb notes Benoist encodes
4. Fortunates favor bastardy drama matadors tormentous mutator outsmarted


# regulants: a chemical substance used to control or regulate growth.
# agnatic: any male relation on the father's side.
# Deneb: name for alhpa Cygni and part of the name Deneb Algedi used for delta Capricorni.


Great Pontiff taken captive while navigating,
Great one thereafter fails the clergy in tum
Second one elected absent his estate declines,
His favorite bastard then to be killed.


En nauigant captif prins grand pontife
Grans aprets faillir les clercz tumultuez
Second eſleu abſent ſon bien debise
Son fauory baſtard a mort tue

L1: <annE capiuating><spring pardon fit guianan pact><fit giant cap><and ring points guianan fEe><guaninE grains feint pond>agnatic (paternal relations)

L2: <iller clercs pre-satan tumult urGez fails><iller clercs muzt sap frailest><arGuez parents fast ill relics><iller clercs fails parents mutual-urGez><ill culturez-miracles regulantz tapers>

L3: <encodeS (uSable noteS) / abSoluteneSS beSides><benoiSt bend encloSed Sise> <once Sise eludeS baSe benoiSt bend><encloSed deneb (alpha Cygni) bi Sise>unSealed

L4: <~Son outsmarted by aStra fauor~><by trueSt / utterS matadorS no fauor><baStardy mutator fauor Son><fortunateS by a Star><Son Stab your drama tutor ><Setout or fan your drama><~tormentouS baStardy fauor~>
1: absoluteness, frailest, agnatic, acting, captivating, spring, clercs, regulantz, muzt,
2: tormentous, fortunates, bastardy, mutator, ensuable, besides, graze,
3: outsmarted, outermost, usable, beside, cells,
4: tumult,
5: Guinean, useable, Deneb,,
6: fairest / Sefirat, Guiana, truest / utters, drama,
7: bend,
8: grins /rings,
9: enclosed, utter, fast,
10: unsealed, fails,
11: Benoist,
12: pre-Satan, encode, fiats,
13: relics, onsets / stones,
14: abuse,
15: faster, fates / feast, bay,
16: -
17: encodes, pond, beans,
18: stouter,
19: -
20: -
21: feint,
22: giant,
23: lends.

captivating, agnatic, bastardy, absoluteness, fortunates, spring, acting, clercs, frailest, cells, mutator, regulants, outsmarted, fates, besides, Deneb, tormentous, tumult, fairest, Guinean, useable, Guiana, truest, drama, bend, enclosed, outermost, rings, Benoist, unsealed, stones, relics, encodes, faster, pre-Satan, fiats, abuse, fails.


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