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Nostradamus C5 Q16: Trees around airports reveal the damage from modern travel.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Two anagrams in this verse set a very distinct tone since they correlate a chemical with an ailment that fits with modern practice. The anagrams are hemicrania (maine chair) and sulphonate (ſon haulte p) and in the first line there are supporting anagrams for smaller supplier and iron sulphate (ſon haulte pri). But in the anagrams there is the story of environmental pollution that gives gravitas to the use of the forenamed chemicals. At Daru one of the world's smaller airports in New Guinea there is a change in the treescape despite the departures  from there being more leisurable than most. To address the problem respirators and other air machines are used to help people recuperate  from humanid ills.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

iron-sulphate sulphonate perils plus smaller base
A ſon haulte pris plus la lerme ſabee

Humanid hemicrania compartner machine render recent determent
D'humaine chair par mort en cendre mettre

leisurable approachers Corsairs respirators be Persias truer allies
A l'isle Pharos par croiſars perturbee

correlate squalor Daru airports departures respect treescape
Alors qu'a Rodes paroiſtra dur eſpectre
# hemicrania: pain affecting one side of the head.
sulphonate: sulphonate compounds are used to dilate the blood vessels and lower blood pressure when treating hemicrania, headaches epilepsy and dyspnoea.
Daru airport: Papua New Guinea- there is an anagram for Guinean in C5 Q15.
The Sabaean tear no longer at its high price,
Death though ashes put on human flesh,
At the isle of Pharos disturbed by the Crusaders,
When at Rhodes will appear a hard phantom.
A ſon haulte pris plus la lerme ſabee
D'humaine chair par mort en cendre mettre
A l'isle Pharos par croiſars perturbee
Alors qu'a Rodes paroiſtra dur eſpectre
L1: <smaller supplier baSe no eASe><iron-SulphAte plus a smaller baSe><~is Smear real SulphonAte pulls~><noAhS spirulate> triples realmleSS pipers allures

L2: <henicrania (headache- sulp cure) compartner determent><machine pair armor center determent><compartment each humanid re determent><machine arm meter contender pair><a phaneric tremor D>pariah niche manichae mortar

L3: <~aPproachers reSpirators leisurAble~><so corSair Harp be Allies truer spear><isAbelle heap truer> perSias / praiSes / Serapis rebut help

L4: <~spoRed radiatorS recuperAteS squalor~><dura /daru airportS treeScApe squalor><correlAte departureS><perSuade airportS trAce squalor><~perSuade reAct squalor oR riots spread~><reSpect solAr tauridS><daru / dura Spectre aRoused airportS>cArtel relocAte
1: hemicrania, iron-sulphate, sulphonate, respirators, perturb,
2: approachers, compartner, leisurable, Manichae, correlate, determent, realmless, Corsairs,
3: suppliers, radiators, contender, superstar, supplier, Isabelle, relocate, smaller, pipers, Noah,
4: recuperates, departures, contemner, humanid, squalor, Corsair, pariah,
5: machine, helps,
6: spirulate, d'Artois, Noahs, aleph,
7: Taurids, pulls, help,
8: treescape, Raphel, create,
9: allures, triple, Petrus / purest,
10: persuader,
11: -
12: aroused, creeps,
13: brute, rebut,
14: resplit / triples, allies,
15: tremor, cartel / claret, posed,
16: niche, spade,
17: triads,
18: respect / sceptre / spectre, heap,
19: Persias / praises / Serapis,
20: harp,
21: center / centre / recent,
22: airports, chair, ills, herd,
23: mortar, armor.

hemicrania, iron-sulphate, sulphonate, compartner, perturb, approachers, Manichae, correlate, airports, leisurable, departures, treescape, determent, Corsairs, radiators, Taurids, contender, Isabelle, relocate, smaller, suppliers, helps, machine, respirators, recuperates, squalor, Noahs, humanid, ills, aroused, Raphel, help, allies, create, triple, brute, triads, cartel, posed, Persias, recent, tremor, d'Artois, spectre, pariah, allures, purest, herd.




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