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Nostradamus C5 Q17: Cornelius Agrippas' work serves as code source for 21stC ill events.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 17 Conspirators fleeing far carry the secrets of the royal family using Cornelius Agrippa's codeThis verse is one in which Nostradamus presents his arguments about the future of the Christ myth to his patrons. He introduces them to the way he uses Cornelius Agrippa's work on ciphers to serve his own end.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. None induce pact Satans role sunder dunes pyres Anne adorn
2. Tutelage clue duly pierces prescient print in placing plague
3. Ill animal functional aim forelay familially longer-sound role in Norse
4. Cornelius moration met letters icons rules relations
By night the King passing near an Alley,
He of Cyprus and the principal guard
King mistaken, the hand flees length of Rosne
The conspirators set out to put him to death.
De nuict paſſant le roy pres d'vne Andronne
Celuy de Cipres et principal guette
Le roy failli la main fuict long du Roſne
Les coniures l'iront a mort mettre.
L1: <none inDuce Andre paSt perSonalty(chattels)> <And norn inDuctee ornately / tyrolean paSS><SatanS pyres role><Satans role vpends rAdon prey>repletory unciteD osprey vends

L2: <Clue tt dye plague precise print><plague recipients duly priCE><percipients priCed tutelage Clue><dye priCe placing priest Clue><priest panic glue pierced yule><ci (101) plague pierCes print>
L3: <i foreLay noRSe animal ill><clot gRoundS><~functional-aim gRoundS roLe filially~><functional-aim ill dRug fail>famillialy sounder

L4: <cornelius /(icon rules) letterS moration (Delaying) term> <iron atom rules eLectrons term><ruin eLectors matron lies><cousin Letter iron atom term><i enclose iron atom ruLes><cousin Letter relations><censorius (reproachful) Letter term>
1: functional-aim, familially, placing, filially, repletory,
2: tutelage, forelay, toluic, pierced,
3: percipients, grounds, selector, priced,
4: Censorius, ground, pierce,
5: Cornelius, pierces, ornately, precise, Tyrolean, clot,
6: surlier, moration, Roslin, osprey, duly,
7: recipients, receipts, letter-em, Pacini, plague, foray, fay,
8: prescient, prices,
9: inductee, relations, price,
10: panic,
11: cousin,
12: mortain, r-leonis, resettle, animal / al-Naim,
13: encript,
14: sounder, respite, pacts,
15: -
16: preinset, epic,
17: pyres / respy / preys,
18: Satans, vends,
19: mania,
20: enclose, cluey,
21: letters,
22: atom, 
23: electrons.

Cornelius, tutelage, functional-aim, placing, familially, filially, repletory, grounds, percipients, personalty, Censorius, moration, duly, pierces, prescient, relations, cousin, panic, resettle, animal, mania, Satans, plague, pyres, enclose, forelay, precise, epic, letters, atom, electrons, encript.




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