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Nostradamus C5 Q20: A Russian conscript will capture Tuscany.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 20  Scoundrel born in Lenigrad uses evil propulsion to diminish the prodigia of Vermont's influenceThis verse is part of a series that shows motivational factors for people outside France that have great effect on the descendents of Nostradamus and members of his sect. The anagrams have a strong focal word that links it to the text of the first line even though it is found out a complete different letter combination in the second line. The word is armisonant (naiſtra mon) which is completely in tune with the great army that will pass the Alps. There are also anagrams stating Vermonts a transit (t naiſtr - a - monſtre v) which suggest the direction of flow across the alps is from the north while the naming of Leningrad quotas (Le grand in - Toſqua) suggests the monster scoundrel in the second line of text is a Russian citizen who will engage in the war in Italy as a conscript at a later stage.

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

1. Please seal all dangers remade deal alarmed apes eras
2. Tamaris uuanted  servant upend Vermonts armisonant private transit
3. Prodigia use busiest bit to rerun era perturbation preodain
4. Leningrad learning danger in quotas Lupus evil propulsion

# armisonant: resounding with arms or weapons.
prodigia: an Italian word meaning an especially gifted or talented female.
Lupus: a southern hemisphere small constellation bordering Scorpio, Libra and Centaurus.
The great army will pass beyond the Alps,
Shortly before a monster scoundrel born
Prodigious and sudden he will turn
The great Tuscan to his nearest place.
Dela les Alpes grand armee paſſera
Vn peu deuant naiſtra monſtre vapin
Prodigieux et ſubit tournera
Le grand Toſquan a ſon lieu plus propin
L1: <seal Deal SpearS remade><arm reDSea apeS all dangers lApse><dangers pleAs arm all reDSea apeS><armed apeS angers Alps leaDerS><all Alps rangers dream reDSea apeS>elpaPses prenamed Dealers

L2: <pen uuanted armiSonant / animatorS Servant><Vnpin neuu-date on / no mainStar avertS / vaSter><nearmoSt tranSit uuaned><romanS private inStant uuaned><vermontS Star><uuanted tamariS Vpend>

L3: <buSiext tutor Preordain><uueStx Perturbation>< rerun Prodigia (natural Pmens) to Set bit i uxe><uxe giedi (Polestar name) rune to buSt it>

L4: <Leningrad line prop lupus quoTaS><and props reaLign poluulines quoTaS><nolanS pulsiue quoTaS danger>
1: perturbation, plouulines, prodigia, private,
2: Vermonts,
3: armisonant, mainstar, eloping,
4: Leningrad, learning, quotas,
5: radarmen, Tamaris, Guixe, props,
6: preordain, prenamed, proline, premade, 
7: neuudate, instant, Nolans,
8: servant,
9: transit,
10: uuanted, linger, tubes,
11: Lupus, avert,
12: unpile, averts / starve / vaster, rerun,
13: realign,
14: matrons, uuaned, unrare, bust,
15: elusion,
16: nearmost, drop,
17: elapses / pleases,
18: dealer / leader,
19: renamed, amperes, elapse / please,
20: -
21: taints, aleles,
22: Armand, Redseas.
23: -

Vermonts, prodigia, private, perturbation, learning, Tamaris, prenamed, Guixe, props, preordain, new-date, instant, plowlines, mainstar, nearmost, Lupus, realign, Leningrad, armisonant, quotas, Nolans, servant, matrons, eloping, wanted, transit, linger, avert, tubes.



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