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Nostradamus C5 Q21: Darker references from which N's war tales are drawn.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

I believe the first line of text does not relate to a person but to a cultural change that took place at about the time Nostradamus wrote his Prophecies and that change was away from the use of Latin as the medium for interpreting the bible. This verses text is then an appropriate description of the events in the 16th century as cholors struggled for their new works to prevail and in so doing brought havoc upon themselves and their followers. The same is true of the verses anagrams but they contribute to an even darker set of publications involving the occult and non-Christian religions. For example this verse contains a sequence of anagrams in its first line which says repeats Quran planetary modus (e treſpa - s du mo- narqu- e lati Par). In C2 Q20 there is also a sequence conveying these ideas for it says patrons repress modus Quran route use. And there are other references citing the Nordic pagan writings and later ideas given in books such as The Golden Bough. This type of multi referencing of ancient material is common technique employed in the verses comprising this section of the Prophecies.

The anagrams on from which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

planetary Rosamund Quran quaternal modus
Par le treſpas du monarque latin

prearranges source Uruz warlike
Ceux qu'il aura par regne ſecouruz

Tibelenus bulletin feel fuel ruly diary ebullient evils
Le feu luyra diuiſe le butin

mortal put war-heads raids ionics
La mort publique aux hardis incoruz

# Tibelenus: a ancient name identified by Heinrich Agrippa as referring to the Norns in Book 3 on Occult Philosohy or Magic.
quaternal: a term restricted to books on occult logic such as The Golden Bough.
Uruz: The nordic rune of strength.
Idris: one of the earliest prophets mentioned in the Quran - some equate this man with Enoch in the biblical tales.
Sciron: In Greek mythology Sciron was a famous bandit killed by Hercules or alternately A Megarian warlord.
By the death of the Latin Monarch,
Those whom he will have assisted through his reign
The fire will light up again the booty divided,
Public death for the bold ones who incurred it.
Par le treſpas du monarque latin
Ceux qu'il aura par regne ſecouruz
Le feu luyra diuiſe le butin
La mort publique aux hardis incoruz
L1: <rosamund quantile repeatS><quran repeatS Planetari modus><equal roman><a mound repaSs quartile><repeaTs modus late in quran><Plainer quternal modus>liquate paSsed Spreads qoran Palatine (one of 7 hills of Rome)

L2: <Source prearrange><raper Cuex crouuz geneS aura><crouuz genes quail Cuex><para-uuarliq' uxe>renegeS

L3: <until belies><diary fleuu><lauuyer fLee but in iSle><ebuLlient ray ray fleuu>tibelenuS (Nornians in Agrippa) fLee>

L4: <urz icon is publiq mortal uuarheadx><moraL put is urz hard icon><Idris (prophet in Koran) corunz publiq mortal><sciron (anc Gk bandit) raid>
1: uuarheadx, ebullient, quaternal, uuarliq, bulletin, Uruz,
2: Tibelenus, planetari, modus, Quran modus, Palatine, platina,
3: prearranges, quartile, requital, ionics, radish, diary, Idris,
4: -
5: Rosamund,
6: belies, enfuel, until,
7: passed, 
8: pliant, renegers,
9: -
10: reneges, ruly,
11: spreads, Sciron,
12: tube, pub,
13: crouu, hard,
14: quantile, paint,
15: -
16: liquate,
17: -
18: plainer, moral, aural / Laura, but,
19: -
20: mound,
21: elfin.
22: -
23: -

war-heads, war-like, bulletin, ebullient, Uruz, Tibelenus, prearranges, Idris, Quran planetary modus, Rosamund, diary, belies, Sciron, Palatine, requital, quaternal, ionics, enfuel, until, crow, spreads, ruly, moral, pliant, passed, but, renegers, hard, mound, liquate.





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