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Nostradamus C5 Q22: Bandar Abbas attacked by aquanauts on a religious mission.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse has a strong anagrammatic structure expanding the details of the text. The anagrams which provide the strength include:

male aquanaut Gameron eery day danger ready
Auant qu'a Rome grand aye rendu l'ame

far year grandeur alarmed esteem generates free agreements
Effrayeur grande al'armee eſtrangere

Parques adorns d'Orleans sub
[s]cheme peers remapped sphere
Par eſquadrons l'embuſche pres de Parme

pure isles used generous rogues foresemble Essene coherent cheer
Puis les deux rouges enſemble feront chere
Before the great one has given up the ghost at Rome
Great terror for the foreign army
The ambush by squadrons near Parma,
Then the two red ones will celebrate together.
Auant qu'a Rome grand aye rendu l'ame
Effrayeur grande al'armee eſtrangere
Par eſquadrons l'embuſche pres de Parme
Puis les deux rouges enſemble feront chere
L1: <~Gameron (Andar Abbas) Male Aquanaut endure day~><year moRe grand male Aquanaut nude><under male quanta><german ready><a eery danger>

L2: <Ee ff grandeur regenerateS year alarm><real agreements arranged><year ur danger alarm><maler genre arranged eaSter><generates fray frEe grandeur>

L3: <remaPPed Square adorns sphere><solemn Subscheme-prepared> <Subsche-me remaPPed ParQues d'orleans><amPere Squad sPeared rosenblum>Spread around Prearm

L4: Pusil (v. Small) eSsene seed grouux><foreSemble trench our Pusil geneS exudes><coherent uPrise eludes><rex-deus><used roux (Moins Roux parque) genes foreSemble><generouS free isles uxed Pure><rogue uxed Pure isles free Sense>
1: subscheme-prepared, foresemble, squadron, remapped,
2: regenerates, aquanaut, coherent, grouux, squad,
3: -
4: Rolands, ready,
5: agreements, stranger,
6: generous, Gameron, Megaron, squared, pre-made, rex-deus, effray,
7: re-grant,
8: lords-name, ensembles, around,
9: ensemble, alarmed, esteem,
10: such, Essene,
11: trench, Pesher / sphere, eery,
12: fray,
13: -
14: slides,
15: arefy, faery,
16: d'Orleans, spade,
17: -
18: alum,
19: Parques, amperes, day,
20: grandeur, generates, teenagers, arranged, engram / German,
21: -
22: year,
23: here.
Key Ideas:

subscheme-prepared, foresemble, coherent, squad, aquanaut, squadron, trench, spade, ensemble, remapped, Gameron, generous, agreements, Rex-Deus, effray, ready, re-grant, Essene, Pesher, eery, Lords-name, generates, German, day, year, here.





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