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Nostradamus C5 Q24: Ancient reference points set the bounds of the coming wars.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is another of those which uses multi referencing of ancient material to set the properties of coming events. In this instance it creates an image of pagan religions driving its adherents into wars about the use of the earth's resource and much of this is contained in the second-line sequence saying nature wars arise (ira Sa - turne a -ura ſu). Much of the meaning of this verse is taken up by the dating mechanism for these events but despite this its place in Nostradamus stories is readily identifiable.

The anagrams on from which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

gene gentle lot lousy Soyuz venues levels genre
Le regne et loy ſouz Venus eſleue

primates nature wars arise near J
[e]sus perimeters
Saturne aura ſus Jupiter empire

alloy greet gene preenlarge sole ill level
La loy et regne par le Soleil leue

reappraise star in urn endures era peril

Par Saturnins endurera le pire.

# Asatru: a term used for any modern religious faith based on the gods of the Norse pantheon such as Odinism.
# Eleleus: surname of Apollo applied when referencing his warcry.
# Ninurta: Sumerian god of hunting and war.
# Undines: elemental beings associated with water mentioned in the alchemical works of Paracelsus.
# telegony: a belief that the trait of previous lover may occur in pregnancies without contact witht that lover.
# Selenus: pseodonym for the author of a book on cryptograhy written in 1624 by Augustus of Brunswick-Luneburg.
The realm and law raised under Venus,
Saturn will have dominion over Jupiter
The law and realm raised by the Sun,
Through those of Saturn it will suffer the worst.
Le regne et loy ſouz Venus eſleue
Saturne aura ſus Jupiter empire
La loy et regne par le Soleil leue
Par Saturnins endurera le pire.

The clue to the timing lies in those relatively brief periods when Jupiter and Saturn are together in the same part of the sky (about 1 years in every 28) and the refinement then being those much briefer times in which they are both close to the Sun and Venus during that year. Jun 4th 2179CE is the only date in the next 500 years when these four solar-system objects are within 5 degrees of each other and this occurs in the constellation of Libra whose other names of the balance or scales fits it well to the references of realm and law found in two lines of the text.

L1: <Selenus gene reueL><So eLeleuS (Apollo- god of warcry) use Venuz telegony><Soyuz Venues>unleSs gentle

L2: <nature meter perSia uuarS><Jsus aura><Serpentarium urSae (Bear)><nature Semiaperture><(pirateS meter) / primateS tree) rune auraS><~uranate uuarS Jupiters empireS><eaStern-uuar Susa prime rite><Jupiters Serpentarium uuarS><prime Star-rune>nauare

L3: <ill leo relapSe Loyal regent><yet ill genre Leaue leoS palerl><lille loSe tyre rape gene>

L4: <~under aSartu (Odinism) sinner real Piper~><undines Starruna piper><Saturnin ensured a real piper><~reaPpraiSe turn under real sin~><~ninurta (war god) raPeS sunder era peril~> <~rePairs under ninurta repeal~><Piper Star-runa>
1: semiaperture, telegony,
2: Serpentarium, Venuzs, Soyuz, Venuz, 
3: perimeters, star-runa, star-rune, Undines,
4: preenlarges, reappraise / appraiser, Jupiters,
5: pale-green, primates, Ninurta, Selenus,
6: unless, sinner,
7: -
8: endures / ensured, venues,
9: Saturnin, Nauarre,
10: leuee,
11: Eleleus, piper,
12: emptier, Aratus / Asatru,
13: premieres, gentle, ensues,
14: unrare, uuars,
15: Patras, Eloise, Lille,
16: -
17: -
18: uranate, alloy / loyal,
19: impresa / Pamiers, empires / premise, primes, auras,
20: repairs,
21: Durer / ruder, Tyre,
22: -
23: leuees / sleeue.

Venuzs, Jupiters, semiaperture, preenlarges, Soyuz, perimeters, Undines, reappraise, primates, Serpentarium, telegony, unless, sinner, emptier, venues, Eleleus, piper, endures, Asatru, gentle, premise, Ninurta, unrare, wars, ensues, Pamiers, Patras, Lille, uranate, alloy,Tyre, repairs, empires, ruder, leuees.


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