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Nostradamus C5 Q28: The outsider whose talent makes it possible for the resurrection to occur.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is another verse where Nostradamus' draws heavily on the known references of the past to project an image of events yet to take place. In this case the anagrams imply that a hero who is an outsider who gains recognitio for his talents but not acceptance will be at the centre of the struggle to preform a resurrection central to their faith. This hero will have characteristics not unlike those of the Greek Heracles (er laſche) and the Nordic Jotun (ont ju) called Loki both of whom have artistic records of their presence but limited narrative of them as leaders, heroes or gods.

The anagrams on from which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

Bears par[a]bles upend tale blame iamb lie
Le bras pendu et la jambe liee

Epigonus genius gain Eleusians card each page achiev[e]s Pelasgia seal Aigius use
Viſaige paſle au ſeing poignard cache

Troys squire Norse Jotun males served Semele
Trois qui ſeront jurez de la meſlee

Archeleus harangued Heracles gene sense falser feel
Au grand de Gennes ſera le fer laſche

# Aigis (Aegis): protective element of the ancient Greek Gods Athena and Zeus.
# Archelaus: Greek sculptor based in Prienne about 300BCE or Heracles son.
# Eleusian: reference to ancient Greek city of Eleusis and its Mysteries.
# Epigonus: Greek sculptor based in Pergamum about 300BCE.
# Pelasgia: a very ancient name for Greece.
# Semele: mortal mother of Dionysus (fathered by Zeus) - parallels story of Mary
# Jotun:  Nordic Giants who in mythical times lived alongside the Aesir.
His arm hung and leg bound,
Face pale, dagger hidden in his bosom,
Three who will be sworn in the fray
Against the great one of Gennes will the steel be drawn
Le bras pendu et la jambe liee
Viſaige paſle au ſeing poignard cache
Trois qui ſeront jurez de la meſlee
Au grand de Gennes ſera le fer laſche
L1: <aspen duet lie bejam rebeL><let a unspread lie bejam><upends bear tale>

L2: <epigonuS (3rd C BCE sculptor) carding each pelaSgia (anc Gk) ViSage><girona cached><aigiS uSe elapSe / pleaSe><eluSian pageS><carding each pigeonS ViSa><adoring ping ViSa cache uSE><geniuS Seal page>

L3: <jotun leaderz riSque rioTs><jotun elderz Sire maleS Tree><jut Senior elderz maleS><elSe male druze><Semele (asteroid & Gk myth) lead riotS> routineS

L4: <~a ungraded GeneralnesS charleS fee~><clearS hArangued><fearleSs heracleS><feel ArchelauS nearneSs deranGed><Argued charleS and alfereS (ensign bearer)><Sense real Gene falSer ache><Argue claSh deranGed fearleSS>
1: harangued, Epigonus, Pelasgia, Eleusians,
2: Aigis, generalness, harangue,
3: Archelaus, Eleusian,dealz / lazed,
4: cached, nearness, Druze,
5: cardigan, fearless, pigeon, junto / Jotun, clash,
6: adoring,
7: edged,
8: unspared, genius, jnto, hive,
9: upends, falser, ajam,
10: Charles, jam,
11: routines, carding, Heracles, jut,
12: Pelasgi, Girona,
13: deranged, alferes, melees, Semele, page,
14: pages, visa,
15: releases,
16: -
17: Aegis, beam,
18: spend,
19: blame, elapse / please,
20: -
21: risque / squire / quires.
22: -
23: -

Eleusians, harangued, Epigonus, Semele, Pelasgia, Aigis, generalness, Archelaus, lazed, fearless, clash, nearness, Druze, adoring, unspared, genius, upends, Jotun, falser, routines, Girona, Charles, carding, pages, ajam, Pelasgi, Heracles, Aegis, releases, deranged, page, blame, alferes, melees.



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