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Nostradamus C5 Q29: Causes of war in the 21st C
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus C5 Q29 Liberty not recovered proud villainous one occupies when topic of bridge opened Venice Republic attacked by those of the Danube.This verse offers the backgound issues provoking a major war and it identifies disputed boundaries as one of the two major the dividing points between the East and West with the other being the ethics of medication based on religious and

 scientific standpoints. There are two verses with an anagram of Hister in their text and both also hold the name Malta albeit that in C4 Q68 the name is in the text while in this verse it occurs as an anagram.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Careers Easterner liberate were reliable core
2, Equilin quinoline a inferior rival CC pure quinine
3. Emirate material repudiate Pontus era mandala reuuoqe land
4. Public wished El-quid hides restive faces in real chase 

mandala: any diagram, chart, or pictorial representation of the cosmos.
: Ancient Greek Sea-god +region on south coast of  Black Sea.
: an estrogenic steroid occurring in the urine of pregnant horses.
Liberty will not be recovered,
Proud villainous wicked black one occupies
When the matter of the bridge opened,
Republic of Venice vexed by the Danube.
La liberte ne ſera recouuree
L'occupera noir fier vilain inique
Quand la matiere du pont sera ouuree
D'Hiſter Veniſe faſchee la republique.
L1: <reLiable / Liberal EaSterner couuer><~reLiable career tenSe uuore~><Serene race /care all tiber / tribe uuore><~rare crouu Seen liberate eeL><~tenSe era Liberal uuere core~><bile reenterS race rouu><rouu Liable enter careerS>

L2: <a iron era cup fire viral / rival in equilin vial><inferior quinine vial><inferior equiLin (steroid) in vial><cc quinoline>virile

L3: <tiered upon Queer mandala><a diameter portunes land rouu><reuuaQe arouse upon land diameter><repudiate treason reuuoQe><and Queer material dupe not arouse><emirate reauuaqe pound land pontus (sea-god) arouse><depriue malta not arouse>erudite

L4: <inSertiVe / reinViteS Safe heracleS><enVies riteS republiq HueD><heracleS Safe Vine / Vein tHeirS publiq Due><healer faceS reStiVe Sin><tHiS iS neVer Safe> <i reinVeSt Safe HeracleS>
1: quinine, quinoline, inquiline, repudiate, inferior, mandala, thrives,
2: material, firier,
3: insertive / reinvites, reliable,
4: liberate, erudite, virile, healer, hides,
5: equilin, Pontus, faces,
6: Matilda, this,
7: reinvest, braille / liberal, rival / viral,
8: diameter, restive, Emirate, Vestri / strive, theirs, depriue, liver / viler, hid,
9: easterner, Chelsea, belial / labile / liable, hide,
10: Elquid, careers,
11: Heracles, duPont, Aberti,
12: portunes, pub,
13: crouu, Malta, quaere,
14: chafes, pound,
15: career,
16: reenters, deriue, Albi / Bali / bail,
17: -
18: never,
19: tribe / Tiber, upon, 
20: Chesel,
21: -
22: Iona.

erudite, virile, healer, repudiate, inferior, mandala, hides, land, diameter, equilin, quinine, quinoline, insertive, firier, material, Pontus, thrives, liberate, restive, faces, this, reinvest, Emirate, easterner, deprive, Elquid, careers, portunes, Heracles, pound, Malta, never, reenters, upon, Tiber.





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