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Nostradamus C5 Q30: An assault made on an Africa bound aircraft at an airport.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

TNostradamus C5 Q30 Soldiers all around the great city, Paris and Rome incited to assault then great pillage on the bridge.he anagram structure within the verses is not trivial and this can be seen by the examination of a single line of C5 Q30. I believe the third line delivers the following picture and that the image arises independently of me by which I mean no alternate constructions of unique meaning are likely to be found:

The text of this verse then represents the story of a counter attack attempting to eliminate the force that occupies an airport.

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

1. Latent toluate detection large detours arranged graal danger interacted
2. Norse lost old gospelz last pages Sevilles eparchs vilest maps  go
3. Impresario noticed assault arsenals upstairs in airports armories
4. Ill rules predicating losers enplot departing Africa cafeterias
All around the great city
Soldiers lodged in fields and towns
To give the assault Paris, Rome incited,
Then great pillage made on the bridge.
Tout a l'entour de la grande cite
Seront ſoldats logez par champs et villes
Donner l'aſſaut Paris Rome incite
Sur le pont lors ſera faicte grand pille.
L1: <graal detection detour><~cite a danger Toluate not ruled~><cite deuteron garland><our talent led carnaged ouT><delatour Toluate deceit><Toluate enticed graal detour><louder talent a latent danger><redacting (editing out) our latent deal>inTeracted

L2: <~gospelz vilest map not Sold at leSser arch~><vilest phasm><Sevilles pest gloats apez old charm>

L3: <imPresaRio noticeD aSSault><~iDentic aRmories Put on arSenals~><incomeR noteD arSenalS upStair><~uSa learnS aiRPorts mine noticeD~>intoneD

L4: <departing africa><danger ruleS / lureS pill><~aircraft-loSs pill danger not repulSe><predicating afar><great africa unSpilled><creating /argentic / reacting rule Spilled afar><cafeterias grand pill><predating africa leSsor / loSers><redacting (editing out) a pill fear>
1: predicating, impresario, interacted, unspilled, eutectoid, gospelz, armories, gloats,
2: departing, predating, detection, Sevilles, incomer,
3: -
4: identic / incited, arsenals,
5: noticed, iniect / incite,
6: intoned, sellers,
7: cafeterias, argentic / creating / reacting, upstair, toluate, vilest,
8: carnaged, assault,
9: repulse,
10: -
11: Africa, phasm, loads,
12: deuteron, enticed, enplot, parch, sells,
13: -
14: load,
15: leperous, sold,
16: garlanded, rapist, deceit,
17: redacting (2x), rotund, lost,
18: latent / talent, losers,
19: -
20: Ussat,
21: -
22: airports, tudor,
23: apez.

impresario, predicating, gospelz, departing, Sevilles, airports, interacted, noticed, unspilled, toluate, gloats, armories, identic, arsenals, predating, incomer, detection, sellers, intoned, upstair, cafeterias, reacting, assault, repulse, Africa, vilest, phasm, deuteron, carnaged, enplot, leperous, load, sold, garlanded, rapist, deceit, lost, apez, talent.



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